Selectmen Meeting Packets

July 30, 2018

Collins Center Budget Model Presentation

Warrant for 2018 State Primary – Vote to Approve

Update Post-Closure Use of the Incinerator Site Matrix

July 17, 2018 7:00 P.M.

Incinerator Site Resident Proposals Part 1

Incinerator Site Resident Proposals Part 2


May 7, 2018  5:30 P.M.

5:35 PM    Award of Construction Bid for PQ Playground

5:40 PM   Award of Bituminous Concrete Material Contract to Benevento Asphalt Corp. of Wilmington, Ma in the amount of $54,400.00 and to Aggregate Industries of Watertown, Ma in the amount of $55,080.00

5:45 PM  Award of Bituminous Concrete Permanent Patching Trench and Gutter Repair Contract to N. Sacca and Sons, Inc. of Arlington, Ma at $33.00 per square yard

5:50 PM  Award of Sand, Gravel and STone Contracts to E.H. Perkins Construction of Burlington, Ma in the amount of $73,125.00 and the P.A. Landers Incorporated of Hanover, Ma in the amount of $51,500.00

5:55 PM  Approval of the Owner's Project Manager Services for Burbank Modular School

6:05 PM New Common Victualler License-Bellmont Caffe (Rachid Smairi) 80 Leonard Street

6:15 PM New Common Victualler License - The Wellington (Filippo deMagistris) 75 Leonard Street

6:25 PM Vote to Approve a One Day All-Alcoholic Beverages License Application for a private event to be held at the Beech Street Center on 5/26/2018 from 5pm-6pm

6:30PM  Discussion and Vote on remaining Annual Town Meeting Segment A Warrant Articles and Amendments

6:40 PM  Special Town Meeting and Special Town Election Discussion

6:50PM  Town Administrator's Report    

April 30, 2018 5:00 P.M.

5:25 P.M. Proclamation to honor Dr. Alper

5:30 P.M. Proclamation to honor the Belmont Garden Club

5:35 P.M.  Discussion and Vote on Annual Town Meeting Segment A Warrant Articles and Amendments

5:45 P.M.  Discussion and Vote on Special Town Meeting Article and Amendments

5:50 P.M.  Award of Tree Service Contract for Fiscal Year 2019-2021

5:55 P.M.  Discussion and signing of $4,480,000 General Obligation Municipal Purpose Bonds with Treasurer Floyd Carman

6:05 P.M.   Approval of a Request from the Belmont-Arlington Crew Team to hold their second Annual Event on May 6, 2018 from 10:00AM-2:00PM on the street in front of BSB, 2 Leonard St.

6:10 P.M.   Discussion on Parking Concerns in Cushing Square

6:20 P.M.  Discussion and Vote on Belmont Business Study Committee Charge

6:30 P.M.  Vote to Renew Antique/Second Hand Goods License, Junk License, Taxi License

6:35 P.M.  Vote to Approve a Request from the First Church in Belmont to hold their annual picnic on the Town Green on Sunday, June 10, 2018 from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM

6:40 P.M.  Vote to Approve a request for an Agricultural Wine Permit for Dan Clapp of 1634 Meadery to serve samples of 1oz at the Belmont Farmer's Market on 6/14/18, 7/12/18, 8/9/18, 9/6/18, 10/4/18

April 12, 2018

7:30 PM  Discussion and Vote on Board of Selectmen Meeting Schedule for School Debt Exclusion

7:40 PM  Introductions of new Facilities Director, Steve Dorrance

7:50 PM  Discussion related to the Financial Task Force

8:00 PM  Discussion of landfill post-closure use next steps

8:05 PM  Discussion related to installation of power plugs for the Farmer's Market in the Claflin Lot for the 2018 season

8:10 PM  Discussion and Vote of request to place handicapped parking sign at 67 Pine Street

8:20 PM  Approval of Proclamation to declare Friday, April 27, 2018 to be Arbor Day in the Town of Belmont

8:25 PM  Vote to approve the Housing Trust Housing Production Plan

8:35 PM  Update and Discussion of the Planning Board's Work with the Planning Board Chairman

8:40 PM  Vote to Renew Antique/Second Hand Goods License: Artistic Orientals 379 Trapelo Road

8:50 PM  Town Administrator's Report-update from the public meeting that was held on 4/10/2018 on the new Solid Waste/Recycling Program

April 9, 2018

7:00 PM Proclamation in honor of former Selectman William Skelley

7:05 PM Update on the Regional Dockless Bicycle Share Program

7:15 PM Vote to Accept a Gift of $750.00 that the Police Department has received on March 23, 2018, from the Bay State Federal Savings Charitable Foundation to be utilized to assist the Police department in presenting a Citizens Police Academy

7:20 PM Approval of Traffic Advisory Committee Recommendations Cross Street (including Claflin Street, Winn Street and Dean Street)-proposed 2 hour Parking Restriction

8:00 PM Award of contract to Homer Contracting, Inc. of Arlington and authorize the Town Administrator to execute the contract in the amount of $188,700.00 for the Butler School Phase V Masonry and Windows

8:20 PM Discussion and Vote on  FY19 Supplemental Requests

8:40 PM Discussion related to Housing Trust Agreement

8:45 PM Town Administrator's Report

April 2, 2018

7:00 PM Proclamation in honor of the 103rd Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide

7:10 PM Discussion related to Mt. Auburn MBTA Bus Route #73 and Bus Automation

7:40 PM Vote Water and Sewer Rates for Fiscal Year 2019

7:55 PM Discussion related to Single Use Plastic Bag Reduction Bylaw

8:05 PM Discussion of Complete Streets Policy

8:25 PM Acceptance of a donation from the Temple Beth Elohim sixth and seventh grade students in the amount of $464.50 for the SPORT Program

8:30 PM Town Administrator's Report

March 26, 2018

7:40 PM   Discussion and Vote on Board/Committee/Commission Meeting Rules

7:50 PM   Enterprise Fund/OPEB Discussion and Vote 

5 Year Projection Model

8:15PM   Reconsideration of Marijuana Vote

8:40 PM   Library Budget Discussion  (

8:50 PM   Health and Veterans Services Department Budget Discussion (

9:00 PM  Update on the Regional Dockless Bicycle Share Program

9:10 PM  Discussion related to Single Use Plastic Bag Reduction Bylaw

9:20 PM  Carry In and Carry Out Signage Discussion with the Department of Public Works

9:40 PM  Discussion of Complete Streets Policy

9:55 PM  Appointment to the Meet Belmont Planning Committee

10:00 PM  Clear Gov Presentation

10:15 PM  Town Administrator's Report

March 12, 2018

February 12, 2018

January 22, 2018

January 8, 2018

December 18, 2017

December 11, 2017

December 4, 2017

November 20, 2017

November 13, 2017

November 6, 2017

October 16, 2017

October 3, 2017

PDF icon Five Year Projections583.18 KB
PDF icon Other Post Employments Benefits Valuation43.25 KB
PDF icon Enterprise Fund 1.43 MB
PDF icon Sidewalk Construction Policy72.99 KB
PDF icon Curbing Policy196.38 KB
PDF icon Demolition Delay Appeal Application from Locatelli Properties2.07 MB
PDF icon Report from the Historic District Commission on the proposed Thaddeus Frost House Historic District (291 Brighton Street)1.41 MB
PDF icon itac_survey_belmont_committees.pdf127.96 KB
PDF icon tareport_3-12-18.pdf285.97 KB
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PDF icon ccc_marijuana_regulations_mma.org_.pdf102.98 KB
PDF icon dockless_bikes_share_system_-_cd_memo_-_3-20-18.pdf91.29 KB
PDF icon carry_in_carry_out_pp_5.pdf564.88 KB
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PDF icon meetbelmont_charge-natalie.pdf199.11 KB
PDF icon cg_-_belmont_ma_-_service_order_03.16.18.pdf72.57 KB
PDF icon town_admin_report_-_patrice.pdf584.19 KB
PDF icon 5_year_projection.pdf444.87 KB
PDF icon armenian_genocide_2018_.pdf56.94 KB
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PDF icon complete_streets_policy.pdf128.62 KB
PDF icon town_admin_report_-_patrice.pdf584.19 KB
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PDF icon fy_19_water_sewer_rates.pdf3.13 MB
PDF icon ta_report_april_2_2018.pdf71.21 KB
PDF icon william_skelley_-_passing_away.pdf84 KB
PDF icon bay_state_foundation_donation_to_police_dept_for_citizens_police_academy_april_2018.pdf159.34 KB
PDF icon cross_st_parking_memo.pdf364.98 KB
PDF icon ta_report_4-9-2018.pdf163.34 KB
PDF icon 3-26-18_bid_analysis_letter.pdf160.45 KB
PDF icon fy19_supplemental_rqts_2018-03-26_2.pdf79.35 KB
PDF icon housing_trust.pdf251.82 KB
PDF icon regional_dockless_bicycle_share_program_-_2.pdf975.63 KB
PDF icon tareport_4-09-18.pdf275.21 KB
PDF icon bos_calendar.pdf20.58 KB
PDF icon hpp_board_of_selectmen_ppt_rev_4-12-2018.pdf1.3 MB
PDF icon memo-_director_of_facilities_management.pdf193.36 KB
PDF icon proposed_overall_schedule_-_closure_and_post-closure_use_of_concord_avenue_lf_-_may_20_2014.pdf71.7 KB
PDF icon proclamation-arbor_day.pdf111.78 KB
PDF icon jay_trash.pdf723.69 KB
PDF icon dralperproclamation2018.pdf56.77 KB
PDF icon bgc_proclamation_for_2018.pdf84.12 KB
PDF icon tree_service_contract_fy19-fy21.pdf95.16 KB
PDF icon bos_binder_-_memo_-_ergathon_-_crew_team_-_4-30-18.pdf140.56 KB
PDF icon belmont_business_study_draft_committee_charge.pdf29.18 KB
PDF icon memo_to_pm_re-first_church_picnic.pdf44.98 KB
PDF icon tareport_5-07-18.pdf177.83 KB
PDF icon belmont_pq_playground_contract_-_signed_by_sunshine_paving_small_file.pdf8.27 MB
PDF icon bituminous_concrete_material_contract.pdf101 KB
PDF icon bituminous_concrete_permanent_patching_contract.pdf71.51 KB
PDF icon sand_gravel_and_stone_contracts.pdf80.33 KB
PDF icon opm_services_for_burbank_modular_school.pdf33.3 KB
PDF icon bellmont_caffe.pdf67.54 KB
PDF icon the_wellington.pdf68.27 KB
PDF icon one_day_wine_and_malt_05-07-2018.pdf129.06 KB