Human Rights Commission

Diversity Collage:

By Fran Yuan

The charge to the Commission from the Board of Selectmen is to: 

  • Address the full range of discrimination in the areas of commerce, education, public accommodation, housing, employment, and access to municipal services. 
  • Serve as a resource to the citizenry, the business community, and public agencies on issues regarding diversity and discrimination. 
  • Give visibility to and increase awareness of issues related to diversity and discrimination through educational activities. 
  • Assist the citizenry and town agencies in informally resolving disputes on issues relating to discrimination. 
  • Receive allegations of violations of human rights laws and related legislation, and refer matters to relevant Town, State, and Federal authorities for disposition of matters within their respective jurisdictions. 
  • Report annually on its activities to the Board of Selectmen. 
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Board Members

Name Title
Kathryn Bonifiglio Belmont Against Racism
Carl Brauer Term Expires, 2018
Mirela Duda Vice-Chair Term Expires,2018
Seneca Hart Term Expires 2020
Captain J. Peter Hoerr Belmont Police Department
Paul Solomon Term Expires, 2018
Fran Yuan Term Expires, 2019
Alexandra Gubin Term Expires, 2020
Anthony Moroso Chair Term Expires 2019
Kathleen Kayta Gajdos Term Expires, 2020
Jia Zhang BHS Liaison