Housing Trust

The Belmont Housing Trust was enacted by the Massachusetts Senate and House of Representatives and is supervised by the Board of Selectmen. Chapter 126 of the Acts of 1999 details the establishment of this nonprofit corporation.  

The Trust's duties are to investigate and implement alternatives for the provision of and providing affordable housing for persons of low, moderate and middle income, and others in the Town of Belmont whose needs may be identified from time to time.

Imagining Belmont's Housing Future - Forum held June 14, 2016

On June 14, 2016, the Housing Trust, with the support of the Metro West Collaborative Developers, held a forum to discuss Belmont's housing future.  The participants listened to presentations on the need for housing and discussed potential opportunities to develop housing in Town.  

The PowerPoint presentations can be found at the links below:


Member of WestMetro HOME Consortium - 

The Housing Trust is a member of the WestMetro HOME Consortium.  The Town is one of thirteen (13) members from the surrounding area that receives funding from the federal government - the Town receives approximately $50,000 for the maintenance, preservation and construction of affordable housing.

As a member of the HOME Consortium, the following documents are requried: 

For further information on the HOME Consortium or any of these required documents, please contact Jeffrey Wheeler in the Office of Community Development at 617-993-2666 or by e-mail at jwheeler@belmont-ma.gov

Affordable Housing Developments developed by the Housing Trust: 

1.    Waverley Woods Affordable Rental Housing Development (Zone 6, McLean District)

2.    B Street

3.    Brighton Street    


Questions regarding the Housing Trust can be directed to the Office of Community Development - 617-993-2666.


Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Jeffrey Wheeler Senior Planner (617) 993-2666

Board Members

Helen Bakeman
Judith Feins
Alisa Gardner-Todreas
Rachel Heller
Gloria Leipzig
Donald Mercier
Tommasina Olson
Paul Rickter
Judy Singler
Ann Verrilli
Elisabeth Allison
Barbara Fiacco