Warrant Committee

The Warrant Committee is a committee appointed by the Town Moderator with the primary goal of analyzing financial matters. A full description and details about the responsibilities of the Warrant Committee may be found in §40-425 of the General Bylaws.

Committee Members

Name Title
John Alcock Member; 2018
Michael Crowley Secretary; 2018
Elizabeth Dionne Member; 2018
Christine Doyle Member; 2020
Roy Epstein Chairman; 2019
Jennifer Fallon Member, 2019
Lisa Fiore School Committee Chair
Anne Helgen Member; 2020
Michael Libenson Member; 2018
Paul Lisanke Member; 2018
Geoffrey Lubien Member; 2019
Robert McLaughlin Member; 2020
Ellen Schreiber Vice-Chair; 2020
Laurie Slap Member;2019
Jack Weis Member; 2020
Adam Dash ex-officio, Board of Selectmen