Belmont Business Directory

Just in time for the Holidays, the Town of Belmont & The Economic Development Committee is excited to announce the launch of the first-ever Belmont Business Directory. This Directory will make shopping locally this holiday season easier than ever, with dozens of Belmont’s retailers and restaurants just a click away.

Note: We care about accuracy and want to include a business that may have been missed in our "beta" Directory.  Please email any updates to Gabriel Distler, Town of Belmont Staff Planner, and Liaison to the Economic Development Committee.


Company NameAddressPhone NumberType of Business
ANI Catering687 Belmont St # C617-484-6161Restaurants, Food & Beverage
Bakehaus442 Common St 617-489-1948Restaurants, Food & Beverage

Bellmont Caffe

80 Leonard St617-484-8100Restaurants, Food & Beverage
Belmont Pizza388 Trapelo Rd617-484-9873Restaurants, Food & Beverage

Black Bear Café

79 Leonard Street617-932-1496Restaurants, Food & Beverage
Bruegger's Bagel Bakery41 Leonard St617-484-4655Restaurants, Food & Beverage

Cafe Vanak

271-275 Belmont St617-932-1531Restaurants, Food & Beverage
Comella's43 Leonard Street617-489-7777Restaurants, Food & Beverage
Craft Beer Cellar87 Leonard Street617-932-1885Restaurants, Food & Beverage
Crystal Rock36 Country Club Ln617-489-4752Restaurants, Food & Beverage
Domino's240 Trapelo Rd617-489-1995Restaurants, Food & Beverage
Dunkin' Donuts52 Church St617-489-6010Restaurants, Food & Beverage
Dunkin' Donuts350 Pleasant St 617-932-8183Restaurants, Food & Beverage
Dunkin' Donuts

353 Trapelo Rd

617 484-9623 
Eastern Lamejun Bakers145 Belmont St617-484-5239Restaurants, Food & Beverage
Fiorella's Express263 Belmont St617-489-1361Restaurants, Food & Beverage
Gen Sushi3 Baker St617-932-1468Restaurants, Food & Beverage
Gregory's House of Pizza27 Leonard St617-489-0331Restaurants, Food & Beverage
Il Casale50 Leonard St617-209-4942Restaurants, Food & Beverage
La Victoria Taqueria66 Leonard St.617-484-1515Restaurants, Food & Beverage
Linda's Donuts247 Belmont St617-484-9844Restaurants, Food & Beverage
Mark and Toni's121 Trapelo Rd617-484-5510Restaurants, Food & Beverage
Moozy's/Belmont Ice Cream, LLC2 Trapelo Rd617-484-4445Restaurants, Food & Beverage
My Other Kitchen762 Pleasant St617-932-1444Restaurants, Food & Beverage
Nick's Place II6 Channing Rd617-484-2020Restaurants, Food & Beverage
Number One Taste Chinese382 Trapelo Rd617-489-9577Restaurants, Food & Beverage

Ovenbird Café

105 Trapelo Rd617-489-5007Restaurants, Food & Beverage
Patou69 Leonard St617-489-6999Restaurants, Food & Beverage
Pho and Thai63 White St617-484-1118Restaurants, Food & Beverage
Praline203 Belmont St617-932-1131Restaurants, Food & Beverage
Quebrada Baking Co19 Leonard St617-484-2525Restaurants, Food & Beverage
Rancatore's Ice Cream36 Leonard St617-489-5090Restaurants, Food & Beverage
Samira's Homemade Foods  Restaurants, Food & Beverage
Savinos Grill449 Common Street617-484-3499Restaurants, Food & Beverage
Shine's Fresh Asian30 Leonard St339-333-7914Restaurants, Food & Beverage
Sophia's Greek Pantry265 Belmont St617-489-1371Restaurants, Food & Beverage
Spice Delight63 Concord Ave617-484-7111Restaurants, Food & Beverage
Starbucks112 Trapelo Rd617-489-8767Restaurants, Food & Beverage
Stone Hearth Pizza57 Leonard St617-484-1700Restaurants, Food & Beverage
Sweetheart Bubble Tea386 Trapelo Road617-993-3297Restaurants, Food & Beverage
Teddy's Kitchen462 Common St617-484-9822Restaurants, Food & Beverage

Thai Noodle Café  

289 Belmont St617-932-1156Restaurants, Food & Beverage
The Spirited Gourmet448 Common St617- 489-9463Restaurants, Food & Beverage
The Wellington75 Leonard Street617-932-1750Restaurants, Food & Beverage
Theos Pizzaria & Grill389 Trapelo Rd617-484-7070Restaurants, Food & Beverage
Trinktisch87 Leonard Street(617) 484-2337Restaurants, Food & Beverage
Vintage Tea & Cake Co129 Belmont St617-470-4321Restaurants, Food & Beverage
Yum Bunnies Cakery241 Belmont St617-484-3300Restaurants, Food & Beverage
#1 Food Mart1 Cushing Ave617-484-3809Shopping & Specialty Retail
A & R Market Inc360 Trapelo Rd617-489-9786Shopping & Specialty Retail
A Chocolate Dream68 Leonard St # 1617-484-4119Shopping & Specialty Retail
All That Matters400 Trapelo Rd617-489-5757Shopping & Specialty Retail
Allegria Bridal285 Belmont St617-489-1449Shopping & Specialty Retail
Artefact LLC1000 Pleasant St617-993-3347Shopping & Specialty Retail
Art's Specialties369 Trapelo Rd617-484-0435Shopping & Specialty Retail

Belmont Acres Farm 

34 Glenn Rd  
Belmont Books79 Leonard Street617-932-1496Shopping & Specialty Retail

Belmont Car Wash & Detailing

521 Trapelo Rd617-484-9871Shopping & Specialty Retail

Belmont Farmers’ Market

10 Claflin St 

617 826-9262

Shopping & Specialty Retail
Belmont Jewelry Place5 Williston Rd617-209-3838Shopping & Specialty Retail
Belmont Medical Supply185 Belmont St617-484-3888Shopping & Specialty Retail
Belmont Pet Shop17 Flett Rd617-484-4216Shopping & Specialty Retail
Belmont Pharmacy LLC246 Trapelo Rd617-489-1616Shopping & Specialty Retail
Belmont Printing Co46 Brighton St617-484-0833Shopping & Specialty Retail
Belmont Variety133 Belmont St617-489-5361Shopping & Specialty Retail
Benchcraft Jewelers383 Trapelo Rd617-484-3010Shopping & Specialty Retail
Bessie Blue LLC21 Leonard St617-489-4900Shopping & Specialty Retail
Big Picture Framing493 Trapelo Rd617-484-5900Shopping & Specialty Retail
CambridgeWear73 Leonard Street617 -993-3687Shopping & Specialty Retail

Carolle Chic Boutique

68 Leonard St

617-932-1514Shopoing & Specialty Retail
Champions Sporting Goods53 Leonard St617-489-4930Shopping & Specialty Retail
Cheeky Monkey68 Leonard Street, 3 Right617-875-3930Shopping & Specialty Retail
CTC Gold Refinery5 Williston Rd617-209-3838Shopping & Specialty Retail
Cuvee Wines32 Leonard Street617-484-4560Shopping & Specialty Retail
CVS/PHARMACY264 Trapelo Rd617-489-5528Shopping & Specialty Retail
CVS/PHARMACY60 Leonard St617-489-3669Shopping & Specialty Retail
Dick's Place360 Trapelo Rd # A617-489-2366Shopping & Specialty Retail
Didriks77 Leonard Street617-354-5700Shopping & Specialty Retail
Garland Designs1 Cushing Ave617-489-3409Shopping & Specialty Retail
Good Look Optical415 Concord Ave617-489-8989Shopping & Specialty Retail
Growing Up Children's Resale Boutique443 Common St617-489-1321Shopping & Specialty Retail
GVS Jewelers6 Trapelo Rd617-489-0764Shopping & Specialty Retail
Handy Spa243 Belmont St617-484-9799Shopping & Specialty Retail
Helena's453 Common St617-484-2550Shopping & Specialty Retail
Hillside Garden & Ace Hardware280 Blanchard Rd617-489-0250Shopping & Specialty Retail
Irresistibles31 Leonard Street617-489-4336Shopping & Specialty Retail
Karenna Maraj Jewelry95 Trapelo Rd617-484-0645Shopping & Specialty Retail
L C's Variety Inc326 Trapelo Rd617-484-1120Shopping & Specialty Retail
Marcou Jewelers of Belmont46 Leonard St617-484-8884Shopping & Specialty Retail
Paradise Flowers415 Concord Ave # 4617-484-2410Shopping & Specialty Retail
Pet Supply Outlet Store258 Blanchard Rd # 1617-489-7387Shopping & Specialty Retail
Peter's Shoe Repair468 1/2 Trapelo Rd617-484-5493Shopping & Specialty Retail
Restoration Project334 Pleasant St617-489-1000Shopping & Specialty Retail
Star Market535 Trapelo Rd617-489-6540Shopping & Specialty Retail

Super Vanak

271-275 Belmont S617-932-1531Shopping & Specialty Retail
SYD & SAM453 1/2 Common St857-259-6172Shopping & Specialty Retail
The Blue Butterfly  Shopping & Specialty Retail
The Red Wagon68 Leonard St617-855-9502Shopping & Specialty Retail
Too Tempted444 Common Street617-932-1747Shopping & Specialty Retail
Toy Shop of Belmont71 Leonard St617-489-0070Shopping & Specialty Retail
Trapelo Variety386 Trapelo Rd617-484-6366Shopping & Specialty Retail
Varter's Oriental Rugs327 Pleasant St617-489-3700Shopping & Specialty Retail
Wescott Mercantile LLC49 Leonard Street617-489-2390Shopping & Specialty Retail
Wheelworks 22 Church St617-484-9247Shopping & Specialty Retail
Winters Hardware84 Trapelo Rd617-484-1540Shopping & Specialty Retail
Zia Clothing Outlet91 Trapelo Rd617-484-5525Shopping & Specialty Retail
Company NameAddressPhone NumberWebsiteType of Business
Belmont Media Ctr9 Lexington St617-484-2443www.belmontmedia.orgArts, Entertainment & Recreation
Belmont Woman's Club661 Pleasant St617-484-4892www.belmontwomansclub.orgArts, Entertainment & Recreation
Fred Astaire Dance Studios448 Common St617-489-7272, Entertainment & Recreation
Habitat Education Ctr & Wildlife Sanctuary10 Juniper Rd # 2617-489-5050, Entertainment & Recreation
Indigo Fire Studio60 Concord Ave617-489-2730https://www.indigofirestudio.comArts, Entertainment & Recreation
Jay Fedigan Video 617-932-1223www.jayfedigan.comArts, Entertainment & Recreation
Abos Auto Svc Inc350 Trapelo Rd617-484-7404 Automotive
Auto Engineering Body Works774 Pleasant St617-484-9536www.autoengineeringbodyworks.comAutomotive
Automotive Service of Belmont259 Belmont St617-484-9898 Automotive
Belmont Auto Repair261 Belmont St617-489-1410https://www.belmontautorepairma.comAutomotive
Belmont Car Care Center/Waverley Square Service27 Lexington St.(617) 484-5978 www.wsservice.netAutomotive
Belmont Car Wash521 TRAPELO ROAD 617-484-9871https://www.belmontcarwash.comAutomotive
Belmont Seat Cover Co347 Pleasant St617-484-6663www.belmontseatcover.comAutomotive
Bobs Automotive Svc1000 Pleasant St # 6617-993-3266 Automotive
Boston Motor Werks1000 Pleasant St # 9617-932-1367www.bostonmotorwerks.comAutomotive
Cityside Subaru790 Pleasant St617-932-1094www.citysidesubaru.comAutomotive
Common St Auto Repair500 Common Automotive
Concord Avenue Mobil365 Concord Ave617-489-5168www.exxonmobilstations.comAutomotive
Hynes Collision Center7 Flett Rd617-489-1800www.hynescollision.comAutomotive

P & M Service Center

82 Concord Ave617-484-8100 Automotive
Pleasant Street Shell337 Pleasant St617-489-4852https://www.pleasantstreetshell.comAutomotive
Bank of America483 Trapelo Rd617-489-0916www.bankofamerica.comBanking, Finance & Insurance
Bank of America72 Leonard St617-826-6489www.bankofamerica.comBanking, Finance & Insurance
Bankers Advisory375 Concord Ave # 004617-489-2008www.bankersadvisory.comBanking, Finance & Insurance
Borelli Insurance Inc341 Trapelo Rd617-484-8382www.borelliinsurance.comBanking, Finance & Insurance
Cambridge Savings Bank40 Leonard St617-864-8700https://www.cambridgesavings.comBanking, Finance & Insurance
Cambridge Trust Co361 Trapelo Rd617-484-0892www.cambridgetrust.comBanking, Finance & Insurance
Citizens Bank535 Trapelo Rd617-484-1154www.citizensbank.comBanking, Finance & Insurance
Citizens Bank65 Leonard St617-489-7050www.citizensbank.comBanking, Finance & Insurance
Commercial Insurance385 Concord Ave # 101617-489-1700, Finance & Insurance
Doctoroff Insurance26 Brighton St, PO Box 135617-484-0700www.doctoroff.comBanking, Finance & Insurance
East Cambridge Savings Bank395 Trapelo Rd617-489-0560https://www.ecsb.comBanking, Finance & Insurance
H&R Block490 Trapelo Rd617-489-1494www.hrblock.comBanking, Finance & Insurance
Ivanhoe Insurance Agency Inc382a Trapelo Rd617-484-1035www.ivanhoeins.comBanking, Finance & Insurance
People's United Bank2 Leonard Street617-489-6711https://www.peoples.comBanking, Finance & Insurance
W T Phelan & Co Ins Agcy Inc63 Trapelo Rd617-484-4600www.wtphelan.comBanking, Finance & Insurance
Watertown Savings Bank30 Church St # 1617-928-9000www.watertownsavings.comBanking, Finance & Insurance
Womoney76 Townsend Rd617-489-3601www.womoney.comBanking, Finance & Insurance
Aderit Intrnet Mktng Consltng 617-679-2172www.aderit.comBusiness & Professional Services
Appraisers Group44 Trapelo Rd617-489-2003www.appraisersgroup.comBusiness & Professional Services
Belmont Telecom Inc130 Trapelo Rd # 1617-489-5986www.belmontel.comBusiness & Professional Services
Boston Facilitators Roundtable 617-332-1614www.aduroconsulting.netBusiness & Professional Services
Custom Learning Designs Inc375 Concord Ave # 102617-489-1702www.cldinc.comBusiness & Professional Services
Dober Lidsky Mathey 617-489-1162www.dlmplanners.netBusiness & Professional Services
Inera Inc.  www.inera.comBusiness & Professional Services

Milano Courier Services

P.O. Box 589, Belmont, MA 02478617-804-2323https://milanocourier.comBusiness & Professional Services
Racicot and Associates341 Trapelo Rd617-484-3201www.jracicot.comBusiness & Professional Services
Unison Accoustics LLC 617-489-6436www.unisonacoustics.comBusiness & Professional Services
A La Fauci & Son50 Moraine St617-484-5646 Construction Equipment & Contractors
American Electricians Svc LLC45 Trapelo Rd # 1617-924-9560www.americanelectriciansservices.comConstruction Equipment & Contractors
AM-PM Appl & Refrig Rpr Svc 617-489-1257 Construction Equipment & Contractors
Belmont Appliance Svc405 Concord Ave # 552617-484-7300www.belmontappliance.comConstruction Equipment & Contractors
Belmont Concrete Cutting492 Trapelo Rd617-932-7001www.belmontconcretecutting.comConstruction Equipment & Contractors
Belmont Engineering IncPO Box 68, Belmont, MA 02478617-484-2230 Equipment & Contractors
BMC House Painting Equipment & Contractors
Boston Ice Removal58 Newton St617-826-9871 Construction Equipment & Contractors
F A Williams Plumbing & HtgPO Box 148617-489-4770www.fawilliams.comConstruction Equipment & Contractors
F E French Construction40 Brighton St781-899-3006www.fefrench.comConstruction Equipment & Contractors
Gallagher Remodeling Inc10 Trapelo Rd # 3617-489-1959www.gallagherremodeling.comConstruction Equipment & Contractors
James W Flett Co Inc800 Pleasant St617-484-8500www.jwflett.comConstruction Equipment & Contractors

Line Company Architects, Inc

70B Thomas Street  


Construction Equipment & Contractors

Mike Milton's Appliance207 Beech St978-369-2989https://mike-milton-s-appliance-service.hub.bizConstruction Equipment & Contractors

Santiago Salazar Home Improvements and Repairs

155 Beech St


 Construction Equipment & Contractors
Waverly Development  www.waverlydevelopment.netConstruction Equipment & Contractors
Winters Plumbing Co Plumbg782 Pleasant St617-977-3101https://www.wintershomeservices.comConstruction Equipment & Contractors
Adventures Pre-School Chldrns160 Lexington St # B617-484-2005www.adventurespreschool.comEducation & Training

Avalon Dance Productions

173 Belmont St857-753-9886https://www.avalondanceproductions.comEducation & Training
Belmont After Sch Enrichment266 School St617-484-8030www.belmontbasec.orgEducation & Training
Belmont Cooperative Nursery181 Claflin St617-489-3259www.belmontcoop.orgEducation & Training
Belmont Day School55 Day School Ln617-489-2281www.bdsinstitute.netEducation & Training
Belmont Nursery School773 Belmont St617-489-8694www.belmontnurseryschool.comEducation & Training
Belmont Piano Academy​241A Belmont Street617-966-8923https://www.belmontpianoacademy.comEducation & Training
Burbank After School Program266 School St617-489-3442www.burbankafterschool.orgEducation & Training
Butler Extended Day Program90 White St617-484-8913www.bedp.orgEducation & Training
Children's Connection614 Trapelo Rd617-489-4443www.childrens-connection.comEducation & Training

CurtisE Learning

 (857) 800-5759www.curtiselearning.comEducation & Training
Henry Frost Children's Program307 Pleasant St617-605-2211http://henryfrostprogram.comEducation & Training
Kumon440 Common Education & Training
Moniz Admissions Prep  https://www.monizprep.comEducation & Training

My Pretty Garden Family Child Care

155 Beech & Training

Plymouth Nursery School  

582 Pleasant St 617-484-9782http://www.plymouthnurseryschool.comEducation & Training
Power's Music School396 Concord Ave.617-484-4696https://powersmusic.orgEducation & Training
Russian School of Math14 Church St 617-993-3042www.russianschool.comEducation & Training
Tangi Learning Center30 Church Street Ste 200 Education & Training
Belmont Light40 Prince St617-993-2800www.belmontlight.comGovernment & Municipal Services
Belmont Public LibraryPO Box & Municipal Services
Friends-the Belmont Council On266 Beech St617-484-9694www.beechstreetcenter.orgGovernment & Municipal Services
Acupuncture Therapy68 Leonard Street, 3rd Floor617-489-6189https://acupuncturetherapy.usHealth Care
Amg Family Dental71 Concord Ave617-484-0064https://amgfamilydental.comHealth Care
Audiology Services Inc90 Concord Ave # 1617-484-8700www.audiologyservicesinc.comHealth Care
Beacon In Home LLC24 Trapelo Rd # 4617-484-8000www.beaconinhome.comHealth Care
Belmont Dental Esthetics84 Leonard St617-489-1215www.bostongumcare.comHealth Care
Belmont Dental Group57 Concord Ave617-484-2431www.belmontdental.comHealth Care
Belmont Dental Lab9 Cushing Health Care
Belmont Eye466 Trapelo Rd617- 489-3790https://belmonteye.comHealth Care
Belmont Family Dentistry75 Trapelo Rd617-484-1904https://www.belmontfamilydentistry.comHealth Care
Belmont Manor Nursing Ctr Inc34 Agassiz Ave617-489-1200https://www.belmontmanor.comHealth Care
Belmont Oral Surgery68 Leonard St617-484-5266www.belmontoralsurgery.comHealth Care
Belmont Orthodontics11 Alexander Ave617-484-3260https://www.belmontorthodontics.comHealth Care
Belmont Pediatric Dentistry11 Alexander Ave617-484-3838https://belmontpediatricdentistry.comHealth Care
Belmont Periodontics18 Moore St # 300617-484-0475https://www.belmontperiodontics.comHealth Care
Belmont Prosthodontics385 Concord Ave # 002617-489-1470https://dentalrestorativegroup.comHealth Care
Belmont Smiles16 Trapelo Rd617-489-5500www.belmontsmiles.netHealth Care
Belmont Smiles Orthodontics Care
Bennett Family Eye Care231 Belmont St617-484-1414 Care
Circle Chiropractic26 Brighton St # 300617-993-9936www.circlechiropractic.comHealth Care
Donna Santagati, PsyD, LLC Health Care
Elis Paparisto D.D.S.6 Hawthorne St 617-489-1232 Health Care
Eye Smile333 Trapelo Care
Healing Arts of Belmont7 Williston Rd617-484-4325https://www.healingartsofbelmont.comHealth Care
Joan E Horgan DDS233 Waverley St617-489-9500 Health Care

Katie Aguayo, LICSW

50 Leonard Street, #204617-855-9289

Health Care
Lambert Carol A5 Watson Rd # 106617-484-2272www.carol-lambert.comHealth Care

Larisa Rich Acupuncture

93 Concord Ave # 5617-686-5459 Care
Light Touch Chiropractic66 Leonard St617-484-8550www.ltchiropractic.comHealth Care
Mcdonnell Fredda5 Watson Rd # 206617-489-1521www.belmonttherapy.comHealth Care

Premier Performance Physical Therapy 

431 Trapelo Road617-932-1027 Health Care
StretchMed438 Common St.


Health Care
Waverley Eye Care466 Trapelo Rd617-489-3790https://www.belmonteye.comHealth Care
Alimony Reform385 Concord Ave508-335-0069www.massalimonyreform.orgLegal
Avery Dooley & Noone3 Brighton St617-489-5300www.averydooley.comLegal
Bicknell & Smith26 Brighton St # 315617-489-8600 Legal

Charlene Colt, Attorney at Law

331 Belmont Street617-489-344https://coltlaw.comLegal

Law Office of Erin Whelan Pnnock, LLC

83 Leonard Street, Suite 6617-489-2288

Law Office of Laura A Panos50 Leonard St617-484-9600www.panoslawoffice.comLegal
A Place to Grow259 Beech St617-489-4240 Personal Services & Care
Advanced TV Svc298 Brighton St617-489-0607http://www.advancedtvrepair.netPersonal Services & Care
American Day Spa7 Brighton St (617) 484 6003https://www.americandayspa.comPersonal Services & Care
Back in MotionStony Brook Rd617-686-8515www.backinmotion.infoPersonal Services & Care
Barber Shop470 Trapelo Rd617-484-9853 Personal Services & Care
Barbers Den15 Trapelo Services & Care
Belmont Center Dry Cleaners25 Leonard St617-932-1792 Personal Services & Care
Belmont Driving School197 Belmont St617-484-0055https://belmontdriving.comPersonal Services & Care
Belmont Health Massage258 Blanchard Rd617-489-0088 Services & Care
Belmont Hill Cleaners 234 TRAPELO ROAD617-484-2995http://belmonthillcleaners.comPersonal Services & Care
Belmont Nail Salon153 Belmont St617-489-6750https://belmontnailsandspa.comPersonal Services & Care
Belmont Oil43 White St # 1617-484-5228www.belmontoil.comPersonal Services & Care
Belmont Shoe Repair448 Common St617-955-5497https://www.belmontshoerepair.netPersonal Services & Care

Beth Ann Fricker Photography

 617-209-9648 Services & Care
Body Zen238 Trapelo Rd617-484-1788www.bodyzenspa.comPersonal Services & Care
Boston Body448 Common St617-484-7711 Services & Care
Brasco & Son325 Trapelo Rd617-484-2088www.brascofuneralhome.comPersonal Services & Care
Brown & Hickey Funeral Home36 Trapelo Rd617-484-2534www.brownandhickey.comPersonal Services & Care
Buono Pest Control462 Trapelo Rd617-489-3008www.buonopestcontrol.comPersonal Services & Care
Burnin' by Ray4 Church St617-932-1343 www.burninbyray.comPersonal Services & Care
Bushido-Zen Martial Arts396 Trapelo Rd617-489-4025https://martialartsbelmont.comPersonal Services & Care
Crate Escape30 Brighton St617-489-9003 Services & Care
Cushing Square Vet Clinic133 Trapelo Rd617-489-4482www.cushingsquarevet.comPersonal Services & Care
Dog Eared Photography  www.www.dogearedphotography.comPersonal Services & Care
Dog Village Salon434 Common St 617-932-1424www.dogvillagesalon.comPersonal Services & Care
Dove Nail258 Blanchard Rd # 3617-484-1713 Personal Services & Care
Elements Massage693 Belmont St617-484-3400 Services & Care
Essentials Belmont456 Common St617-484-1163www.essentialsbelmont.comPersonal Services & Care
Every Body Pilates50 Leonard St Suite 201617-484-3311https://everybodypilates.comPersonal Services & Care
Fabyan's Hair Salon352 Trapelo Rd617-484-4366https://www.fabyanhairsalon.comPersonal Services & Care
Five Star Cleaners365 Trapelo Rd617-489-6258 Personal Services & Care
Fred Astaire Dance Studio448 Common Street Services & Care
Get in Shape for Women428 Common St617-484-1070 Services & Care
Hair Images415 Concord Ave # 1617-484-5701 Services & Care
Haven & Hair117 Trapelo Road617-932-1926www.havenandhair.comPersonal Services & Care
Jacques Fabrics & Tailoring8 Trapelo Rd617-489-3603www.jacques-tailoring.comPersonal Services & Care
Jacques Tailoring  www.www.jacques-tailoring.comPersonal Services & Care
JDog Junk Removal & Hauling  www.jdogjunkremoval.comPersonal Services & Care

Jerry's Hair Cutting-Style 

460 Common St617-489-4142 Personal Services & Care
Johns Landscape SvcPO Box 505781-646-5555www.johnslandscape.comPersonal Services & Care

Kathy's Nails

5 Cushing Ave617-484-1074 Personal Services & Care
Leon & Co84 Leonard St # 2617-484-4777www.leonandco.comPersonal Services & Care

Mirror Mirror

20 Church St617-484-1115 Personal Services & Care
OM Namo93 Trapelo Road 617-868-0756 www.omnamocenter.comPersonal Services & Care
Pampered Pooch125 Beech St617-489-6412 Personal Services & Care
Pet-Estrian Svc20 Stanley Services & Care
Robert's Salon66 Leonard St # 1617-489-7733 Services & Care
Salon 455455 Common St617-484-5455www.salon455.comPersonal Services & Care
Salon De Paris447 Common St617-484-4293http://www.salondeparis.netPersonal Services & Care

Salon Suites Belmont

2 Brighton St857-678-0987

Personal Services & Care
Shaseleen Salon, Inc  www.www.shaseleenskincaresalonanddayspa.comPersonal Services & Care
Smart Penguin Studios  www.smartpenguinstudios.comPersonal Services & Care
Sparkle Dry Cleaners331 Pleasant St617-484-9979 Personal Services & Care
Sterling Cleaners Inc118 Concord Ave617-484-4437https://www.sterlingcleaners.comPersonal Services & Care
The Exercise Coach385 Concord Ave. Suite 201-A617-665-7262 Services & Care

TN Beauty Salon

392 Trapelo Rd617-489-4142

Personal Services & Care