Employee Benefits


Active Employee Benefits 

Active Town and School employees may utilize the links and documents below for further information on their benefits. The Town's Human Resources Department is available to answer any questions pertaining to benefits. Any employee seeking to submit a benefit enrollment or change form must do so through the Town's Human Resources Department. 

Health Insurance 

The Town offers active employees health insurance through Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare.  An employee's hire date determines the Town's contribution to the monthly premium and can be found on the rate sheet below.  Employees can choose to enroll in the HMO or PPO plans offered through Harvard Pilgrim.  See below for rate sheets, enrollment form, and benefit plan information. 

FY 23 Prescription Coverage


Abacus Diabetes Management Program

The Town of Belmont is excited to offer The Good Health Gateway Diabetes Care Rewards program to all employees currently enrolled in a Town sponsored Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare plan. More information can be found here

Watch Belmont's Diabetes Program video. 

Dental Insurance

The Town offers active employees dental insurance coverage through Delta Dental. The plans offered through Delta Dental are group plans and are 100% employee paid. Below are links to plan information, plan comparison, rate sheets and enrollment forms. 


Life Insurance

The Town offers active employees Life Insurance through Boston Mutual.  Employees must enroll in the Basic Life Insurance plan to enroll in voluntary or optional plans.  The Basic Life Insurance plan is as $2,000.00 policy, the Town pays 50% of the Basic Life Insurance plan. The cost for basic life insurance is $3.07 a month for the employee. Employees pay 100% of optional or voluntary coverage.  Life Insurance does not hold enrollment annually so it is important to make the decision to enroll upon hire because the next open enrollment is controlled by the vendor and could be three to five years. 

Flexible Spending and Dependent Care Pre-Tax Accounts 

The Town offers Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) and Dependent Care Accounts (DCA) through a contracted third-party provider, Cafeteria Plan Advisors. The plan is a calendar year plan with open enrollment annually in November for the next calendar year. Employees are eligible to carry over up to $570.00 from the previous years contributions if enrolled in the following year.

IRS 457 Deferred Compensation (Town Employees Only) 

Town of Belmont employees are eligible to contribute to two deferred compensation plans offered through SMART Plan and MissionSquare Retirement (formerly ICMA-RC). Employees can enroll and make changes to their contributions at any time, an open enrollment period is not required.  If you would like to speak to a representative from either plan their contact informaiton is below:

SMART Plan Representative: Sean Doucette

Email: Sean.Doucette@empower-retirement.com  Phone: 978-806-7205

MissionSquare Retirement: Michael Savage

Email: MSavage@icmarc.org 

School employees interested in contributing to additional retirement plans should contact the school payroll office.

 Note: Employees seeking to change their contribution amount should visit the SMART Plan's employee portal, and sign-on with their account information to make changes.