DPW Highway Division

A Division of Belmont's Department of Public Works
The Highway Division offers many services to the citizens of Belmont including:
  • Street Maintenance: The Highway Division repairs, patches, maintains, cleans, signs and paints crosswalks, center and parking lines on Belmont's 77.76 miles of public ways, 8.28 miles of private ways and 97 miles of paved sidewalks.  All public and private roads are cleared and treated during snow and ice conditions.  The Highway Division maintains a 24-7-365 emergency response capability for all Highway programs.
  • Sanitary Sewer Maintenance: The Highway Division is responsible for the maintenance of the sanitary sewer system. This includes 76 miles of main lines, 6,700 service lines to buildings on both public and private ways and three pumping stations.  This program is user fee funded and sanitary sewer fees are based on 100% of metered water consumption with the rates set annually by the Board of Selectmen.
  • Stormwater Maintenance: The Highway Division is responsible for the maintenance, construction and repair of the storm drain system.  This includes 54 miles of main lines, one pumping station and 2,000 catch basins.  As the local brooks, streams and water bodies are receiving waters for the storm drain system the Highway Division provides maintenance of these resources.  This program is user fee funded as part of the sanitary sewer user fee.
  • Central Fleet Maintenance: The Highway Division manages a Central Fleet Maintenance operation for all town-owned vehicles and equipment.  Staff provides a wide range of vehicle maintenance and repair services at this facility.  This is also the base facility for all Highway Division operations and provides storage for all Highway Division vehicles, some Parks & Cemetery Division vehicles as well as the Health Department Animal Control Van.
  • Forestry Service: Under the direction of the Tree Warden, the DPW contracts with a tree service company to care for, remove, and replant the 10,000 or so public shade trees.  Public Works staff also assists in this program as necessary.
  • Delta and Grounds Maintenance: The Highway Division is responsible for the cleaning, planting, mowing and maintenance of 52 separate deltas, islands and public spaces totaling about 53 acres.
  • Solid Waste Collection and Disposal: This program provides trash collection and disposal, recycling collection and marketing and yard waste collection and commercial composting by contract to serve 10,000 residential households and public buildings.  Also supported is the Transfer Station site on Concord Avenue (the former Incinerator Site).
  • Street Lighting: This is an administrative program to fund the electricity and maintenance of street lights.

To make a request for service from the DPW Highway Division please call our office during business hours at (617) 993-2680 or complete our online service request form

To e-mail a staff contact click on their name below, or email BelmontDPW@belmont-ma.gov 

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Michael A. Santoro Highway Division Manager (617) 993-2680
Rick Bemis Operations Manager (617) 993-2680
Tom Walsh Tree Warden (617) 993-2680