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FY2019 applications for exemptions, including the CPA Low/Moderate Income Exemption, can be filed as early as

July 1, 2018. The filing period for FY2019 is July 1, 2018, through April 1, 2019. After July 1, 2018, please stop by the office to pick up an application, or call our office at 617-993-2630 to request that an application be mailed to you. All applications are also available on line or CLICK HERE.

  1. An application can be accepted as July 1 for the upcoming fiscal year.
  2. The deadline to file an application is 90 days after the issuance of the first actual tax bill. This date usually falls around April 1st of each year, which equates to a 9 month filing period.
  3. All applications, including the CPA Low/Moderate Income Exemption application, must be filed annually.


The Assessors' Office has a full time Assessing Administrator, two full-time staff, one part-time staff, along with an elected 3-member board who serve on a part-time basis. The current members of the Board of Assessors are: Robert P. Reardon, Charles R. Laverty, III, and Martin B. Millane, Jr.

The Assessor is required by Massachusetts Law to list and value all real and personal property. Valuation is subject to ad valorem taxation on an assessment roll each year. The "ad valorem" basis for taxation means that all property should be taxed "according to value", which is the definition of ad valorem. Assessed values, in Massachusetts, are based on "full and fair cash value", or 100 percent of the fair market value.

To arrive at "full and fair cash value" for your property, the Assessor must know what "willing sellers" and "willing buyers" are doing in the marketplace. The Assessor also must collect, record and analyze a great deal of information about property and market characteristics in order to estimate the fair market value, including keeping current on cost of construction in the area and any changes in zoning, financing and economic conditions which may affect property values. The Assessor uses the three nationally recognized appraisal approaches to value: cost, income and market. This data is then correlated into to final value.

The object of the valuation program is to estimate "full and fair cash value" as of January 1 (known as the "assessment date") prior to the fiscal year. For example, the assessment date for Fiscal Year 2019 is January 1, 2018.

Assessors are required to submit these values to the State Department of Revenue for certification every five years. In the years between certification, Assessors must also maintain the values. The Town of Belmont reassesses each and every year, subject to a Massachusetts Department of Revenue statistical review. This is done so that the property taxpayer pays his or her fair share of the cost of local government, in proportion to the amount of money the property is worth, on a yearly basis rather than every five years.

The Belmont Assessors' Office must appraise and assess approximately 8,000 parcels of property.

The Assessing Administrator and staff are available to answer your questions during regular office hours, and are happy to provide assistance in filling out exemption and deferral applications, as well as abatement applications.

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Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Daniel A. Dargon Assessing Administrator 617-993-2630
Maryanne Knorr Assistant Assessing Administrator 617-993-2630
Nona Sevinian Assessment Assistant 617-993-2630