Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Implementation Committee

Charge Approved: May 25, 2022

Purpose: The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Implementation Committee is established by the Select Board as a Committee advise the Select Board as to how to implement the final recommendations of the Diversity Task Force (DTF).

Objectives: The Committee will discuss and advise on the implementation of the final recommendations of the Diversity Task Force. The committee will consider priority, length of time to implement, cost to implement and public and employee input on those recommendations. The committee will work with the Town’s Human Resources Department, School Department, Public Safety Departments and any other Town department that will be able to assist in informing the committee on a realistic implementation timeline. The committee will also work with Belmont’s community to bring forth the recommendations of the DTF. The committee will hold public input sessions for recommendations. Finally, the committee will bring to the Select Board their implementation plans with any and all costs implications for a final vote of the Select Board.