Permanent Building Committee

There shall be a Permanent Building Advisory Committee of seven members who shall be residents of the Town, one of whom shall be appointed by the Select Board and six of whom shall be appointed by the Town Moderator. To the extent possible, the Town Moderator shall appoint members who have experience in architecture, engineering, building construction, law or finance.

Notwithstanding other provisions of these bylaws, it shall be the responsibility of the Committee to oversee all projects for the design, construction, reconstruction, alteration or enlargement of any building or other facilities owned by the Town, or undertaken on land owned, leased or operated by the Town, with an expected construction value of $50,000 or more, except as the Town Meeting may authorize the appointment of a building or project committee with respect to a particular project. The Committee may also review projects with an expected value of less than $50,000.

Any building or project committee authorized by Town Meeting shall include one or more Committee members designated by the Committee. Committee members serving on any such building or project committee shall serve as full voting members for the duration of said building or project committee. In the event that the Town Meeting does not authorize the appointment of a building or project committee with respect to a particular project, the Committee shall have the sole authority to procure engineering and architectural services, to award bids for construction and to administer contracts for construction services in accordance with applicable law.

Except as otherwise provided by vote of the Town Meeting, the Committee shall assume the responsibility for any project in progress as of December 13, 1999, except the Town Hall and Town Hall Annex projects and the new Municipal Light Department project.

Committee Members

Member NameTerm EndAppointing Authority
Patricia Brusch2026Moderator Appointed
Mark Haley2024Moderator Appointed
William Lovallo2025Moderator Appointed
Robert McLaughlin2026Moderator Appointed
Joel Mooney2024Moderator Appointed
Stephen Sala2024Select Board Appointed
William Shea2025Moderator Appointed