DPW Water Division

A Division of Belmont's Department of Public Works


In a continuing effort to improve our water service to you, the Department of Public Works, Water Division, is implementing a Town wide upgrade to our water metering system starting in January 2019.  This includes installing a new water meter and/or water meter reading device at your home or business.  This installation is mandatory and will be at no additional charge. The Town has hired the installation services of BayState WinnSupply who will be notifying our water customers by mail to set up an appointment for the installation. The Town wide plan is to have the new smart meter system installed in 14-16 months and you will be notified several weeks ahead when BayState WinnSupply is working in your area. For more details and information on the new smart meter program, please call the Water Division at 617.993.2700.

If you have lost the letter from Baystate Winnworks you can call 1-866-983-8080 to schedule your appointment.


The Water Division is governed by a three-member appointed Water Advisory Board who serve three year terms. Daily operational routines are detailed to the Water Manager and staff.

To e-mail BelmontDPW@belmont-ma.gov