Housing Authority

The Belmont Housing Authority manages programs which provide housing assistance for low-income families, veterans, and the elderly. It presently manages a total of 256 units of conventional housing which include 100 units of veteran's and family housing, 154 units of elderly and handicapped/disabled housing and 2 units of housing for the developmentally disabled. The Authority also administers 2 Massachusetts Rental Vouchers, 3 Alternative Housing Vouchers, 20 Existing Section 8 Rental Assistance Certificates and 25 Section 8 Housing Voucher Certificates. Applications for state-aided conventional housing can be obtained between 8:00 A.M. and 4:00 P.M., Monday through Friday at the main office located at 59 Pearson Road, Belmont, Massachusetts or by calling (617) 484-2160. 

The Housing Authority has 5 members, 4 of which are elected for overlapping 5 year terms while the fifth is appointed by the state. The full-time, salaried executive director supervises and coordinates the programs. 


Board Members

Member NameMembership Expiration 
VacantExpiring 2020 - Chair
Charles Laverty IIIExpiring 2021 - Vice Chair
Gloria LeipzigExpiring 2023 - Treasurer
Anne MahonExpiring 2021
Cassandra PageExpiring 2024


Staff Contact

Allison MacMartinExecutive Director(617) 484-2160