Information Technology Advisory Committee

The following is the charge, as voted by the Town of Belmont Information Technology Advisory Committee (ITAC), formerly known as the Management Information and Communications Committee (MICC), at their meeting of October 8, 2002 and affirmed by the Board of Selectmen:
--The role of the Information Technology Advisory Committee (ITAC) is to provide guidance to the Board of Selectmen, Town departments, and other Town committees on technology matters.
--The ITAC shall concern itself with matters of information delivery; ensuring access to communications technology; increasing the efficiency of transactions involving the Town departments; and working to ensure the deployment of infrastructure for the Town departments and citizenry.
--The ITAC shall provide strategic planning and advising functions to the Town's departments and committees.
--The committee is composed of nine voting members, each serving three-year terms. Four members are appointed by the Board of Selectmen, four by the School Committee, and one by the Board of Library Trustees. In addition, a member of the School Committee acts as a non-voting Management Liaison. The committee elects its officers, performing duties of chair, vice-chair, and clerk.
--The ITAC shall report regularly to the Board of Selectmen on major technology issues affecting the Town and its citizens

Recordings of ITAC Meetings

Starting in 2017, Belmont's IT Advisory Committee is making all its meetings available to the public via Google Hangouts on Air. This allows Belmont residents to join in our live meetings from wherever they are in the world using their computer or mobile (smart) phone. In addition, archived records of our meetings are available for viewing at any time on YouTube. To view already recorded meetings and also subscribe to the ITAC YouTube channel, visit our YouTube page.



James Berets2025School Committee Appointee
Jonathan Birge2026Select Board Appointee
Daniel Ellard, Co-Chair2025Select Board Appointee
David Goldberg, Co-Chair2025School Committee Appointee
Jonathan Green2024School Committee Appointee
Phillip Lawrence2024School Committee Appointee
Paul Roberts2025Board of Library Trustees Appointee
Charles Smart2025Select Board Appointee
Kristin Nelson-Patel2025Select Board Appointee


Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Ellen Girouard Technology Librarian
David Petto Town IT Liaison (617) 993-2752
John Steeves Police Dept Liaison (617) 993-2501
Robin Tillberg Belmont Light Liaison (617) 993-2800
Matthew Kuzmeskas School Department Contact (617) 993-5400