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Our Mission:

The Belmont Emergency Management Agency (BEMA) was established by the Board of Selectmen and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to coordinate emergency services with the various State, Local and Federal Agencies during a state of emergency or alert. The title "Emergency Management Agency" is a replacement for "Civil Defense Agency". While the title of the Agency has changed, the basic charter has remained the same: The Belmont Emergency Management Agency works with State, Local and Federal Agencies to ensure that the Town of Belmont is prepared to respond to any situation, be it an act of man (civil unrest, fire, chemical spill, etc.) or an act of God (hurricane, severe snow, flooding, earthquake, extended power loss, etc.)

Agency Profile:

The Belmont Emergency Management Agency is headed by BEMA Director Wayne Haley, Assistant Fire Chief and BEMA Assistant Director, Fire Captain Rick Nohl. The Belmont Emergency Management is appointed by and reports to the Board of Selectmen.

Contact Information:

While the Belmont Emergency Management Agency is key to the successfully planning and recovery of disaster situations, the Agency is only active during monthly meetings and during time of need. If you are presented with a situation where emergency assistance is required, dial 9-1-1.
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Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Wayne Haley Director, Assistant Fire Chief (617) 993-2200
Rick Nohl Assistant Director, Fire Captain (617) 993-2200