Helpful Hints to avoid water leaks

You can monitor your daily water consumption by going to SMART HUB at the Belmont Light website.

There may be a leak if one or more of the following occur.  If this happens, call your plumber so the leak can be fixed.  Not fixing leaks will result in higher water bills than you would otherwise have.

Toilet(s) that run continuously.

Toilet(s) that run stop and then run one or more times between flushes.

Faucets or shower valves that do not shut as tightly as they should.  To test, shut the faucet or shower valve.  Ask a family member or friend to try and shut it more tightly.  If the valve can be shut more tightly, it is leaking even if you don’t see any water.

Dripping faucets

·Meter / Checking for Internal Leak

The water meter is located in your basement.  To see whether there is a leak open the top and look at the blue dial; if it is moving when no water is being used for showers, toilets, dishwashers etc., there is a leak.

Injuries/Surgery and Leaks

If you have back, shoulder or arm injuries/issues or have had surgery recently, you may not be able to shut faucets/valves as tightly as needed to turn them off completely.  To test, do two things; while they sound similar, they require different movements on your part.

Shut each faucet/shower valve.  See if a family member or friend can shut the facet/valve more tightly than you can.  If the facet/valve can be shut more tightly, it will be leaking. Have a friend/family member shut each faucet/valve.  See if you can move it.  If you cannot move it when someone else has shut it, then you probably are not turning it off completely and again, it will be leaking. 

In either case, you should call your plumber and consider replacing the faucet/valve with one you can shut completely.

Water Service

Your water service is located at the water meter in the basement; it brings water into your house.  Some water service pipes could be original to the house and haven’t been changed; they are fine unless they leak.  If the pipe leaks, the wall around it will be wet all the time.  This is different than the occasional ground water that can make basement walls damp.  Changing the pipe is the homeowner’s responsibility. 

Below is a list of contracotrs that can replace water services on private property.

These helpful hints are brought to you by resident Judith Feinleib.


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