Recycling & Trash Information

Hillside Garden Supply No Longer Accepts Fluorescent Light Bulbs 

Please Bring to:
DPW Office 
19 Moore St 
1st Floor


We cannot accept large quantities (no more than 8) or any bulbs longer than 4 feet. We do not accept broken bulbs

You can also bring Fluorescent Light Bulbs to the Hazardous Waste days


Overflow Bags are available to purchase for any extra trash you may have.

Maximum of 6 overflow bags can be placed curbside per week.

Overflow bags come 5 to a roll for $15.00 non-refundable and can be purchased at:

Belmont DPW 19 Moore St 1st floor

Hillside Garden Supply/Ace Hardware 280 Blanchard Rd

Star Market @ customer service 535 Trapelo Rd 



Recycle Right

It is important to know how you can dispose of certain items. Its also important to know what you can and can’t recycle. Here are some ways that you can dispose of your household items.



  • Number 1, 2, and 5 plastics can be recycled.
    • Generally, these items are bottles, jars, cups, and jugs
    • Solo cups and black plastics (often takeout containers) cannot be recycled


  • Buy a $25 dollar sticker
  • Stickers are available at:
    • DPW Office on 19 Moore St
    • Town Clerks office at the Belmont Town Hall
    • Star Market
    • Winters Hardware
    • Hillside Gardens

See list of items that require a $25 sticker Does It Need A Sticker?

  • Schedule a pickup with the DPW (617-993-2680)
  • Leave it on the curbside no later than 7:00 AM on your scheduled pickup day
  • If it’s your trash day, keep it separate from the trash
  • Can not be wrapped up, tied up, or covered by anything

Mattresses/Box Spring

  • Schedule a pickup with the DPW (617-993-2680)
  • Leave it on the curbside no later than 7:00 AM on your scheduled pickup day
  • If it’s your trash day, keep it separate from the trash
  • Can not be wrapped up, tied up, or covered by anything

Bulk Items

  • A common household item that cannot fit in your trash cart or official overflow bag
  • Call Waste Management to schedule a bulk Item pickup (800-972-4545)

In-Home Donation Pickup

Click here to schedule schedule an in-home donation pickup here

If you are looking for a way to donate items that the Town does not have a program for, ReSupply, a Veteran-operated company, provides an in-home fee-based pickup option. ReSupply works with local charities to give your unwanted furniture and household goods a second life. ReSupply will go into the home, go up and down stairs, and even disassemble items if needed! They will pick up anything you are looking to part with, and residents will receive a tax credit for their donation. Click the link above to schedule or call 7654-DONATE

Household Hazardous Waste

Fire Extinguishers are not a part of the hazardous waste collection they must be disposed of privately.


See list of items considered HHW Hazardous Waste

  • Household hazardous waste collection begins in April
  • Must pre-register prior to event

Click Here to Preregister for the Hazardous Waste Event


See locations of Textile Bins in Belmont Textile Ban and How to Recycle Textiles

  • Textiles can only be placed in the bins located around town 
  • Please do not put any electronics, furniture, toys, books, or carriages in or around the bins
  • Textiles cannot be wet, moldy or have any hazardous materials on them
  • If the textile box is full, please do not place textiles outside of the bins. Instead, find the next closest bin to drop off your textiles or call to have them picked up


  • If it’s an alkaline battery, it goes in the trash. Unless it’s a 9V Alkaline battery.
  • If it’s a lithium ion, nickel, 9V Alkaline, etc., it can be brought to our office on 19 Moore St


If you are unsure if an item should go in the bin, please type the questionable item in the Recycle Smart Recyclopedia widget below



WM Ntice



Waste Management will not pick up or will sticker any carts that are not completely closed, carts that contain unacceptable items, or if additional trash is in unofficial carts or bags. The Town of Belmont will not send Waste Management back to empty carts if the street has already been serviced, or once they have been stickered.  To prevent a missed pickup, carts must be curbside prior to 7am on your regularly scheduled pickup day.  If your trash or recycling was not picked up please notify the DPW office at 617-993-2680 no later than 12pm the next business day. Messages can be left on the DPW voicemail after business hours.

Reminder: Trash & Recycling carts must be curbside prior to 7am on your regularly scheduled pick up day.





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