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Mary Beth Calnan, Part Time Recyle Coordinator


Mary Beth Calnan, Part Time Recycle Coordinator

Do you have too much cardboard for your recycling cart. Please come to our cardboard drop-off event. Belmont residents only, please bring ID.

It is important to flattened all cardboard to keep the line moving. We will not take cardboard that has been wet or not flattened. Details below.

Cardboard Drop-off

Saturday, November 10, 2018

DPW Yard

37 C Street


Must be dry and flattened


Waste Management will sticker any barrels that are not closed or have unofficial bags on top of trash barrel lid. The Town of Belmont will not send Waste Management back to empty stickered trash. It will have to wait until the following week and must be done correctly - official cart lid closed and excess trash in official overflow bags next to cart.

Below are links on trash and recycle information.

2018-2019 Trash & Recycle Brochure see below as an attachment at bottom of page.


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