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Food Composting
Black Earth Flyer

The Town of Belmont is partnering with Black Earth Compost to offer a once-a-week household curbside food waste collection service Black Earth. The service will cost Belmont residents $49.99 for six months, plus a one-time start-up fee of $34. The start-up fee pays for a 13-gallon lockable bin with compostable bag liners which will be used to collect food waste every week at the curb by Black Earth Compost. 

The cost per Belmont household will go down even more as more people sign up. When 1,500 households are enrolled in the program, the price will fall to $44.99 for six months. It will fall to $39.99 for six months once there are 3,000 households enrolled in the curbside composting program. Also included with every subscription, you will receive a voucher for a 10 lbs. bag of finished compost, redeemable at Wagon Wheel in Lexington.

If you would like to get more information about composting, or want to subscribe for this great curbside service, please go to Black Earth Compost website:   

Watch a short video and learn more

WM Ntice


Part Time Recycle Coordinator

Household Hazardous Products Collection

Household Hazardous Products Collection 2020 INFORMATION and SCHEDULE

Minuteman Household Hazardous Products Collection Facility

60 Hartwell Avenue, Lexington, MA

9:00 am – 2:00 pm

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, changes have been made for collection events, please read below for important updates and requirements.

1. Registration

Pre-registration is now required. To attend an event - please click the link to register. Pre-Register for a Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Collection here! 

If you do not have access to a computer and need to register, please call 617-756-5289.

2. Collect Household Hazardous Products 

• Be efficient. Consolidate and combine with your neighbors to keep costs down and this program in place for future years. 

• Please bring at least 10 gallons or 10 pounds of household hazardous waste. 

• Please just driver, no passengers if possible.

• Town cost is over $50 per participant whether you have 1 gallon or 10 gallons. 

• Only household quantities will be accepted under the household collection program. Latex paint is not accepted. Call the DPW Office for disposal instructions at 617-993-2680

3. Choose a Collection Date 

• Saturday, November 7th

4. Transportation Tips 

• NEVER MIX CHEMICALS, store different items in different boxes. 

• Tighten caps and lids. 

• Leave materials in original containers. 

• Pad boxes with newspaper to minimize spills. 

• Drive directly to center. 


5. COVID-19 Protocols for Residents (NEW)

• Face Coverings or masks must be worn at all times by residents – even when in your own vehicle.

• Containers used for waste collection will not be returned to you.

• Remain in your car at all times, if you exit your vehicle at any point you will be asked to leave the event.

• Waste must be located in the trunk, truck bed, or back/trunk space of an SUV which is able to be opened without you exiting the car or provision of a key for opening. Waste located in other interior areas will not be accepted.

• Vehicle windows are not allowed to be lower than half.

• Social distancing (6 feet away from others) is required at all times.

• All participants will be asked for their name, address and phone number during registration.

Please be patient during this process.


A pilot program for Mattress Recycling will start June 30, 2020

What does this mean for residents? Residents will no longer call Waste Management for a mattress or box spring bulk pick-up. Instead, residents must call the DPW Office, 617-993-2680, before 11:00am Friday for the Next Available Tuesday pick-up. This list fills up fast and these items are only picked-up every other week. It is similar to the same procedure that is used for appliances, TV’s and computer monitors. Since this is a pilot program there will be no fee for mattresses or box springs at this time.

Why should mattresses be recycled? Almost 95% of the components in mattresses and box springs can be recycled. Recycling mattresses will decrease Belmont’s trash tonnage and reduce our carbon footprint.

What exactly should be recycled and called in to the DPW Office? All size mattresses, including crib, and foam. All size box springs.

What is excluded? Air or water beds, Mattress pads and toppers, pet beds.



2019-2020 Trash & Recycle Calendar: see below as an attachment at bottom of page.

Waste Management will not pick up or will sticker any carts that are not completely closed, carts that contain unacceptable items, or if additional trash is in unofficial carts or bags. The Town of Belmont will not send Waste Management back to empty carts if the street has already been serviced, or once they have been stickered.  To prevent a missed pickup, carts must be curbside prior to 7am on your regularly scheduled pickup day.  If your trash or recycling was not picked up please notify the DPW office at 617-993-2680 no later than 12pm the next business day. Messages can be left on the DPW voicemail after business hours.

Reminder: Trash & Recycling carts must be curbside prior to 7am on your regularly scheduled pick up day.


Recycle Smart Recyclopedia is below to find if an item is recyclable

 Please remember the list is a general list for Massachusetts

Call DPW with any questions 617-993-2680

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