Mattress Recycle Program

Mattress Recycling started June 30, 2020

What does this mean for residents? Residents will no longer call Waste Management for a mattress or box spring bulk pick-up. Instead, residents must call the DPW Office, 617-993-2680, before 11:00am Friday for the Next Available Tuesday pick-up. This list fills up fast and these items are only picked-up every other week. It is similar to the same procedure that is used for appliances, TV’s and computer monitors. Since this is a pilot program there will be no fee for mattresses or box springs at this time.

Why should mattresses be recycled? Almost 95% of the components in mattresses and box springs can be recycled. Recycling mattresses will decrease Belmont’s trash tonnage and reduce our carbon footprint.

What exactly should be recycled and called in to the DPW Office? All size mattresses, including crib, and foam. All size box springs.

What is excluded? Air or water beds, Mattress pads and toppers, pet beds.