Zoning By-Law

Including Various Rules and Regulations

As amended through September 23, 2020
Approved January 7, 2021

Full Zoning By-Law (PDF) and Zoning Map of the Town of Belmont (PDF)

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By-Law by Section (PDFs)
1.1 Title and Authority
1.2 Purposes
1.3 Basic Requirements
1.4 Definitions and Abbreviations
1.5 Nonconforming Uses and Structures
1.6 Variation
2.1 Classes
2.2 Location
2.3 Boundaries
2.4 Floodplain District Delineation
3.1 General Requirements
3.2 Interpretation
3.3 Schedule of Use Regulations
3.4 Accessory Uses
3.5 Major Development
4.1 General Requirements
4.2 Schedule of Dimensional Regulations
4.3 Specific Requirements
4.4 Local Business I Exceptions
5.1 Off-Street Parking and Loading
5.2 Signs
5.3 Landscaping
5.4 Environmental Controls
6.1 Swimming Pools
6.2 Earth Removal
6.3A Public Building and School Conversion
6.3B Public Building and School Conversion - 10,000 Sq. Ft. or Less in LB1
6.4 Elderly Housing
6.5 Cluster Development
6.6 Floodplain District
6.7 Motor Vehicle Service Stations
6.8 Wireless Telecommunications Facilities
6.9 Affordable Housing
6.10 Inclusionary Housing
6.11 Historic Accessory Building Preservation
6.12 Religious and Municipal Building Preservation
6A.1 Allowed Uses
6A.2 Dimensional Requirements
6A.3 Parking and Access Requirements
6A.4 Design and Site Plan Review
6A.5 Stormwater Management Facilities
6A.6 Coordination with Other Provisions of By-Law
6A.7 Validity
6B.1 General
6B.2 Use Requirements
6B.3 Performance and Design Standards
6B.4 Affordability Rerquirements
6B.5 Design Guidelines
6B.6 Design and Site Plan Review
6B.7 Coordination with Other Provisions of the Zoning By-Law
6B.8 Coordination with the Memorandum of Agreement
6B.9 Validity
6C.1 Purpose
6C.2 Scope and Authority
6C.3 Establishment and Delineation of The Oakley Neighborhood Smart Growth Overlay District and Sub-Districts
6C.4 Definitions
6C.5 Permitted Uses
6C.6 Prohibited Uses or Activities in the OL
6C.7 Building Renovation and Additional Allowable Dwelling Units
6C.8 Dimensional and Other Requirements
6C.9 Off-Street Parking
6C.10 Design Standards
6C.11 Affordable Housing
6C.12 Administration
6C.13 Waivers
6C.14 Fair Housing Requirement
6C.15 Annual Update
6C.16 Notification of Issuance of Building Permits
6C.17 Date of Effect
6C.18 Severability
6D. Single and Two-family Dwellings in the General Residence Zoning Districts
6D.1 Purpose
6D.2 Time Limitation
6D.3 Use Regulation and Authority
6D.4 Performance Standards
6D.5 Submission Requirements for Design and Site Plan Review
6D.6 Special Permit Standards
6D.7 Single-Family Dwellings as an Alternative to a Two-Family Dwelling
6D.8 Conditions of Approval
6D.9 Severability, Conflict with Other By-Laws
6E. Medical Marijuana Overlay District6E.1 Purpose
6E.2 Authority and Establishment
6E.3 Use Regulations
6E.4 Physical and Locational Requirements
6E.5 Application
6E.6 Special Permit Criteria
6E.7 Special Permit Conditions
6E.8 Exemption from RMD Special Permit Requirement
6E.9 Severability
6F. Adult Use Marijuana Establishment Overlay District6F.1 Purpose
6F.2 Authority and Establishment
6F.3 Use Regulations
6F.4 Physical and Locational Requirements
6F.5 Application
6F.6 Special Permit Criteria
6F.7 Special Permit Conditions on AUMEs
6F.8 Exemption from AUME Special Permit Requirement
6F.9 Severability
6G. South Pleasant Street Overlay District

6G.1 General

6G.2 Uses 
6G.3 Performance and Design Standards
6G.4 Submittal Requirements
6G.5 Procedures

6H. Belmont Uplands District6H.1 Allowed Uses
6H.2 Dimensional Requirements
6H.3 Parking and Access Requirements
6H.4 Signs
6H.5 Lighting
6H.6 Design and Site Plan Review
6H.7 Stormwater Management Facilities
6H.8 Site Plan Review Procedures
6H.9 Coordination with Other Provisions of By-Law
6H.10 Validity
7.1 Enforcement & Penalty
7.2 Compliance
7.3 Design and Site Plan Review
7.4 Special Permits
7.5 Development Impact Report 
7.6 Board of Appeals
7.7 Repetitive Petitions
7.8 Amendment
7.9 Validity
7.10 Effective Date
8.1 General
8.2 Uses
8.3 Performance and Design Standards
8.4 Four Story Development Projects
8.5 Submittal Requirements
8.6 Procedures


Rules and Regulations
The Oakley Neighborhood Smart Growth Overlay District Design Standards
Rules Regarding Consultant Review Fees for Wireless Telecommunications Facilities
Rules and Regulations pertaining to Comprehensive Permit Applications (40B)
Planning Board Design Review Guidelines
Planning Board Rules and Regulations for the implementation of the Cushing Square Overlay District


Amendment History
 Since the 1988 Comprehensive Update