Major Capital Projects Working Group (MCPWG)

The Major Capital Projects Working Group was Dissolved by a Vote of the Board of Selectmen on April 22, 2019



February 2017


Belmont has diligently addressed numerous of the capital projects identified in 2000 as being in need of repair, renovation or replacement.  In 2017 four major projects remain – Belmont High School, the DPW facility, the Police Station and the Library.  Lesser projects such as the incinerator site and the rink/fieldhouse are also still outstanding.              

Since 2012 the Capital Budget Committee and later the Capital Projects sub-group of the Financial Task Force have offered tools and analysis for prioritizing these projects.  However, to date, a comprehensive plan to make them a reality has not been adopted.  The magnitude of the high school project and the lack of a suitable site for the police station have been stumbling blocks as has a decision on the location of a library. 

In January of 2016 the Belmont High School project received approval for feasibility study funding from the MSBA.  This automatically made the high school the first of these big four projects to go forward.  Also, in 2016 the Board of Library Trustees partnered with the Capital Budget Committee to proceed with a feasibility study for a future library at its present location.  That study is complete and the Trustees will likely ask for a building committee at the annual Town Meeting.

Three members of the Capital Budget Committee:  Mark Paolillo from the BOS, Pat Brusch from the Permanent Building Committee and Anne Marie Mahoney, Chairwoman of the CBC began to meet informally in the summer to form the path forward.  By January it was clear that this small subgroup of the CBC needed the expertise of the Town Administrator as well as the Town Treasurer along with two members of the Warrant Committee – Roy Epstein and Jenny Fallon.  This group has been taking tours of the four facilities and the incinerator site and will meet for the first time as a sub-committee when the tours are done.


To analyze the major capital projects, which need to be addressed – High School, Library, DPW, Police Station, Incinerator Site in order to define a sound plan for building, sequencing  and possible financing which will lead to a successful and timely completion of these projects.   The MCPWG will develop recommendations in concert with the Belmont High School Building Project process.  It is understood that the Belmont High School Building Project process is underway under the direction of the Belmont High School Building Committee (BHSBC). The BHSBC is required to adhere to Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) timelines.       

Board Members

Name Title
Patricia Brusch Chairwoman, Permanent Building Committee; Member, Capital Budget Committee and BHSBC
Floyd Carman Town Treasurer
Jennifer Fallon Warrant Committee, Capital Budget Committee, Library Feasibility Study Committee
Anne Marie S. Mahoney Chairwoman, Capital Budget Committee