Holiday Recycling and Trash Information

Holiday Recycling and Trash Information

Holiday Recycling and Trash Information

There will be two Cardboard Drop-off events to help make space in your recycling carts

  1. Saturday, December 8th, 9:00am – 12:00pm
  2. Saturday, January 5th, 9:00am – 12:00pm

            Located at the DPW Yard/37 C Street

              ***Weather permitting***


Starting this year, Christmas Trees will only be picked up during:

                           Jan. 7th- Jan. 17th

          Please plan or you will have to hold on to your tree for a year or get rid of it privately.

         The trees will be recycled this year and will be diverted from the Waste to Energy plant!!


For a quick list of what to put or not put in your recycling cart:

  • Wrapping paper, no foil or glitter
  • Holiday cards, no glitter
  • No ribbon or bows
  • Only plastic bottles, jars, jugs, tubs-empty
  • No plastic packaging or plastic toys
  • No plastic bags or film
  • No batteries
  • No Christmas lights
  • Food and beverage metal cans-clean
  • Tin foil and tin foil containers – clean
  • Glass bottles and jars – there is no market so you can also put in trash at this time
  • Cardboard, flattened and free of plastic coverings, see #1
  • No clothes
  • No food
  • No diapers


Here is a quick reference guide:


Have a happy holiday season and remember it is best to refuse or reuse before you recycle. Contact the Recycling Coordinator with any questions, or 617-993-2689.