Community Development - Building Division

A Division of the Community Development Office
Office of Community Development
19 Moore Street
Belmont, MA 02478
The Building Division is responsible for enforcing several state and local rules and regulations including the Massachusetts State Building Code and the Town of Belmont Zoning By-laws. For information about the Massachusetts State Building Code, Licensed Contractors or the Home Improvement Contractors program, check out the Massachusetts Board of Building Regulations and Standards.
Building permit review and approval averages 1-2 weeks. Our review process includes a thorough review of all projects for compliance with the Massachusetts State Building Code and the Town of Belmont Zoning By-Laws.  In addition, verification from the Treasurer's Office that all taxes owed to the Town, by both the property owner and the contractor, have been paid.
It is important to remember that all permit applications and supporting paperwork must be properly completed before a permit is issued. If you are doing an addition, structural work, increasing the habitable space or number of bedrooms please submit with the building inspectors during their office hours.
If you are considering a project, call the Building Division for information on required permits.
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Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Glenn R. Clancy, P.E. Director, Inspector of Buildings (617) 993-2650
Ara Yogurtian Assistant Director (617) 993-2666
Gina Farrar Administrative Secretary (617) 993-2664
Kevin Pickering Local Inspector / Enforcement Officer (617) 993-2664