Committee on Electronic Voting at Town Meeting

Temporary Committee

The Committee on Electronic Voting at Town Meeting was formed by a vote of the Annual Town Meeting on April 23, 2012.

The committee was charged with making recommendations concerning electronic voting to the Town Meeting no later than the 2013 Annual Town Meeting.

The advantages to electronic voting are:

  • accuracy of votes
  • efficiency of Town Meeting;
  • accountability of Town Meeting Members

Town Meeting Amended the Town Bylaws to include Electronic Voting on the April 29, 2013 Town Meeting Warrant (Article 20).

To view the report presented by the Committee to Town Meeting, click here.

Town Meeting now uses, in addition to voice voting, an Electronic Voting system from Turning Technologies utilizing a peripheral called a Response Card. The response cards are handed out to Town Meeting Members before the start of Town Meeting and returned at the end of the night. Town Meeting members use the Electronic Voting system at the discretion of the Moderator.

Board Members

Name Title
Mark Paolillo Board of Selectmen, Town Meeting Member at Large
Michael Widmer Moderator, Town Meeting Member at Large
Ellen O'Brien Cushman Town Clerk, Town Meeting Member At Large
Anne Marie S. Mahoney Town Meeting Member Prec 1
Maryann Scali Town Meeting Member Prec 2
George Hall Town Counsel
David Petto Director of Town IT Dept