Municipal Lien Certificate FAQs

Q: How long does it take to get a municipal lien?

A: The average turnaround time for a municipal lien is five business days from the date the Treasurers office receives the request. However, periods of heavy volume could delay processing for up to, but not exceeding, ten business days.

Q: Can a rush order be placed for a municipal lien and is there a fee for such a service?

A: The Town of Belmont does not, under any circumstances, place rush orders on municipal lien requests. Requests are processed strictly in the order that they are received.

Q: For a multi-unit condominium, could a single municipal lien certificate be generated to cover all units?

A: No, separate municipal lien certificates are required for each unique parcel id requested, and all of which are subject to separate $25.00 processing fees.

Q: Can municipal liens be picked up directly at the Treasurer’s Office?

A: If requested ahead of time, municipal liens can be scheduled for pick up rather than delivery. Hours for pick up are 8am-4pm, Monday through Friday.

Q: How current is the data?

A: The Treasurer’s office post receipts daily and municipal lien certificates are calculated to the day they are printed.

Q: What if my closing date is postponed?

A: The municipal lien certificate includes per diem data
for all outstanding amounts.