Underwood Pool Building Committee

Temporary Committee


The Town of Belmont has appointed the Underwood Pool Building Committee to oversee the development of a final proposal for the new facility. The committee has engaged Bargmann Hendrie + Archetype, Inc.(BH+A) to provide architectural services and Pinck & Co to provide owners project management services. BH+A had previously completed architectural design services related to the evaluation of Underwood Playground and development of design options to show the feasibility of renovating and constructing a swimming pool in its current location, as well as relocating a similar pool complex in the playground and constructing a multi-use field at the lower portion of the site along Concord Avenue.


Questions and concerns related to the Underwood Pool Replacement Project can be directed to the Facilities Department by calling
(617) 993-2640

Staff Contacts

Board Members

Kristine Armstrong
Adam Dash
David Kane
Joel Mooney
Anne Paulsen
Robert Phillips
Stephen Sala
Ellen Schreiber
Michael Smith