Residency Verification & School Registration

New residents of Belmont are encouraged to visit the Town Clerk's office on the ground floor of Town Hall to fill out the census, register to vote, and license pets. A Get to Know Belmont booklet is available here to help new residents find Town services.

Massachusetts General Laws require an annual listing of residents as of January 1st. By filling out the annual census you provide proof of residence to protect your voting rights, are able to register children in schools, apply for veteran’s bonus, subsidized housing and related benefits, as well as providing information to the 911 emergency system.

Up to date census information is required to verify residency within Belmont. Certified letters may be obtained from the Town Clerk's office at no cost; however you must appear in person and a valid ID must be presented before a certified letter can be issued. The Town Clerk's office hours are Monday through Friday, 8am to 4pm.

To Enroll in Belmont Public Schools:

As of March 15, 2020, the School Department has suspended the requirement to obtain a certified census form at the Town Clerk's office. The Notarized Landlord Letter is still required.

Once the family is actually living at their Belmont residence, the parent or legal guardian of the student may request a verification of residency to enroll the student in the Belmont public school system. Valid identification for the parent or legal guardian must be presented.

Visit the Belmont Public Schools website for more information about school registration.

The following elements are required in order to obtain a residency certification for school registration from the Town Clerk's office:

  • A Massachusetts State ID or Driver's License (with your current name and address)
  • A Belmont Light Bill or letter of turn-on date from Belmont Light
  • A completed and signed census form. The census must list all individuals living in the household. If renting the home, this listing must match the list of individuals submitted on the landlord letter. The census form must be signed by the adult Head of Household.
  • If you are renting at your home, a signed and notarized verification form from the property owner
  • If you own your home, the Town Clerk's office staff will confirm ownership with the Belmont Assessor's Office

Upon verification of ownership, the Town Clerk's staff will provide a certified copy of the census verifying residency in Belmont for the specified individuals. This document is required by the Belmont Public Schools and must be provided to the individual school at time of student registration.

School Department Registration Forms are also available at the School Department, 644 Pleasant Street, Town Clerk' s office (Town Hall) and at each public school office.