Raffle Permits & Auctioneer Licenses

Auctioneer Licenses

In order to file for an Auctioneer License, Auctioneers must be licensed through the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Information and Auctioneer Applications can be found at the Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation website.


Raffle Permits

Refer to the step-by-step Raffle questionnaire to help complete the application form.

In order to file for a Raffle Permit, your organization must be a 501(c)(3) and a registered non-profit organization or charity with the Massachusetts Attorney General's office. To see if your organization is registered, click here.

The Raffle Permit application is available in the Town Clerk's office or you may click here. The application must be signed by three (3) officers of the registered non-profit organization. The Town Clerk and Belmont Police Chief will determine eligibility and qualification. If the organization had previously filed for a Raffle Permit, an Annual Report must be filed with the application or the new Raffle Permit will be denied. Once a result is determined, the applicant is informed.

Once a Raffle Permit is issued, the Massachusetts State Lottery Commission will send information and forms directly to the organization about tax requirements.

After the raffle, the organization must pay 5% tax on the gross proceeds to the Lottery Commission within 10 calendar days. This is an excise tax on wagering and applies to all groups. Non-profit status does not exempt you from this tax. Interest and penalties may be assessed on late returns.

One year after it is issued, within 30 days of the permit's expiration, the organization must file two (2) copies of the annual financial report with the Town Clerk certified by the three (3) officers on the application and the accountant. If this report has not been submitted, no new Raffle Permits will be approved.


Required in the Annual Report:

  • Number of raffles/bazaars held
  • Amount of money received
  • Expenses
  • Winners of prizes worth over $250
  • Net proceeds
  • Use of funds

The Town Clerk retains one original report and submits one original report to the Massachusetts Commissioner of Public Safety.