Volunteer Opportunities Available

Volunteer for a Board, Committee or Commission

If you are interested in serving on an appointed committee, you may apply online here.

Belmont Town Clerk's office Opportunities

If you are interested in community service, consider the Town Clerk's office as we are often in need of volunteers to help with filing and alphabetizing our records. The current jobs available include alphabetizing and filing the census forms, filing voter registration, organizing pet vaccination certificates among other duties.

The business hours are Monday 8am to 7pm, Tuesday through Thursday 8am to 4pm and Friday 8am to Noon. Please feel free to stop in prepared to work; you’re welcome to bring friends as well as your phone or iPod to listen to music. We usually schedule volunteers in a separate room so music and chatter are no problem. You may come during our business hours based on your own schedule, no advance notice is required. Our location is inside the Town Hall on ground level.

Job Responsibility

The work consists of alphabetizing and filing different types of documents that are written in English. For students who have never filed anything before, we will start you with the “low risk” items and progress to more important items, depending upon your skill and our perception of your capability. If you are recording community service for Belmont High School, please be certain to sign in on the volunteer service pad when you come in so that we can keep track of your hours.

Contact Us

Please feel free to email townclerk@belmont-ma.gov or call us at (617) 993-2600 with any questions you may have about volunteer opportunities.