Parking Rules & Regulations

  • Overnight parking is prohibited on all of Belmont’s public and private ways.  Belmont General By-Laws Article 21.2(g) sates, “Parking for over one hour between the hours of 1 AM and 7 AM is prohibited.”  As you enter Belmont, each main street has “Overnight Parking Prohibited in the Town of Belmont” sign posted.  


  • Though the by-law provides no exceptions from the overnight parking ban, as a matter of discretion police officers will take into consideration cases where there has been a death in the family or other emergency, or if the driveway is being paved.  To ask for consideration a person should contact the officer-in-charge at the police station of the evening when overnight street parking is needed.  The telephone number for the officer-in-charge is 617-993-2505. For more info click here 


  • Municipal lots in Waverley Square, Claflin Street (Belmont Center), Town Hall Complex, and Senior Center (Beech Street) may be used for overnight parking provided vehicles are removed before 7 AM.  Parking lots for the Belmont Public Schools are also available for overnight parking, but vehicles must be removed from these lots before 7AM.  The lot at the Chenery Middle School may not be used for this purpose until after 9 PM.  


  • Monthly municipal lot passes are available for employees of town businesses located in that lot area.  Passes can be obtained at the police station at a cost of $60.00/month. 
  • The municipal lots have signs at each entrance stating the rates and time limits for the lot.  
  • On-street parking is limited to the street signage for one hour or two-hour limit.  Moving a car from one spot to another during the day is prohibited.  Parking limits are for that street (zone) during a one-day period.  
  • In addition to the overnight parking ban, residents must remember during the winter that vehicles may be towed if they obstruct snow plowing or snow and ice removal on the streets or in the town’s public or school parking lots. Article 21.2(f) of the Belmont By-Laws: “No vehicle will be parked so that it interferes with the removal or plowing of snow or the removal of ice”.