Parking Fines Rate

$15.00 FINE

Meter violation, overtime parking, not within designated parking space, over 1 ft from curb, wrong direction parking, all night parking (over 1 hr between 1 am – 7 am), sidewalk, resricted area, double stopping, within 20 ft of intersection, other (explanation by officer on ticket), within an intersection.

$25.00 FINE

Taxi stand, loading zone, no stopping, hydrant within 10 ft, driveway, alley/private way obstructed, failing to leave an unobstructed 12 ft lane for traffic, along side or opposite any street excavation that would obstruct traffic, crosswalk, snow emergency removal.

$50.00 FINE

Fire Lane

$100 FINE

Hp-v parking, handicap ramp
Bus Stop

Officers will be using hand held units to print violation notices.  The new ticket will include information for paying your fine on-line.  


  • Parking on any roadway for over one (1) hour between the hours of 1 AM and 7 AM is prohibited.
  • Parking overnight on Town property or municipal lots is prohibited when snow is forecast.  Offending vehicles will be towed.