Meet Belmont Planning Committee

The Meet Belmont Committee was established by the Board of Selectmen to plan, coordinate and organize the annual Meet Belmont community information fair held every August and to plan and coordinate other events for newcomers and residents to meet and gather. It is a permanent committee.

The Committee is comprised of seven (7) members, each with three-year staggered terms, to be appointed by the selectmen. The Vision 21 Implementation Committee will advise the Meet Belmont Committee on how to have a successful Meet Belmont annual fair and on other projects and events as needed.

It shall be responsibility of the committee to plan, coordinate and organize the Meet Belmont community information fair that occurs once per year, historically in August.  It will reach out to organizations throughout Belmont that offer valuable information to residents to exhibit at the fair, and promote the event within the community.   It shall be the responsibility of the committee to organize additional events throughout the year for newcomers and residents to meet and gather, and to determine other ways in which the Town can continue to warmly welcome new residents and provide information on the many resources and opportunities offered by and throughout the Town.


Committee MemberTerm Expiration
Emily Ferris


Valerie Krempus

Ashley Lang2021
Natalie Leino2019
Chay Ngee Lim2021
Brian Saper2019
Lisa Scudder2021