Logan Airport Community Advisory Committee

Regional Group

In August 2013, the Board of Selectmen voted in favor of joining the Logan Airport Community Advisory Committee (CAC) in response to a number of questions from the community about changes in commercial air traffic over Belmont. These changes were the result of the FAA's NextGen modernization program and the implementation of new concentrated flight paths for planes departing on runway 33L. This new procedure is called 33L RNAV SID (standard instrument departure).   The Logan CAC has subsequently been superseded by the Massport Community Advisory Committee (CAC). The Massport CAC was formed by the State Legislature to provide oversight to Massport's operations. The Massport CAC meetings are open to the public and more information can be found on their website: http://massportcac.org/.  Belmont has also led the formation of the 33L Municipal Working Group that includes Arlington, Cambridge, Medford, Somerville and Watertown all working together to address the issues with impacts from runway 33L.  Independent local citizen's groups have also formed such as Boston West Fair Skies that can be found on Facebook or the web. 

Belmont is represented on the CAC groups by Myron Kassaraba . If residents have any general questions please contact us at logancac@belmont-ma.gov. Residents are encouraged to file complaints related to aircraft noise with Massport's Noise Abatement Office. Massachusetts Port Authority Noise Complaint Line: (617) 561-3333 is available during normal business hours or complaints can be filed online: http://www.massport.com/logan-airport/about-logan/noise-abatement/

Board Members

Myron Kassaraba