Update From Belmont DPW: How to Dispose and Recycle Textiles

Changes to Massachusetts Waste Bans
Update From Belmont DPW: How to Dispose and Recycle Textiles
Update From Belmont DPW: How to Dispose and Recycle Textiles

On November 1, 2022 the State of Massachusetts updated it's waste bans to include textiles. 

Textiles will be banned from regular trash disposal, and cannot go in trash carts. Textiles (includes clothing, linens, drapery, footwear, purses, belts and backpacks) don’t belong in the recycling cart or trash cart.

Textiles can be donated by: handing them down, using thrift or consignment stores, placing them in a donation textile box (if the box is full don’t leave bags outside the container) or calling an organization to have them picked up at your home.

Textiles can’t be wet or moldy and can’t have hazardous materials on them, but can be ripped or stained. When textiles are donated—45% are reused and re-purposed mostly as exports, 30% are converted into rags, 20% are used as fiber in home insulation and carpet padding. Only 5% ends up as waste.

There are donation boxes located around Town:

St. Vincent's -Behind St. Joseph's Church, 130 Common St, must go in through Orchard St (this location only takes clothing that can be re-used, no stains, rips, or tears)

PlanetAid - Corner of Mill St and Concord Ave at Brother's Auto Service, 337 Mill St, also at the corner of Lexington St and Thayer Rd at Belmont Car Care, 27 Lexington St.


For more information about how to dispose and recycle textiles including a list of organizations that receive textile donations please visit the   Belmont Department of Public Works webpage by following this link


For more information about textiles being added to the State of Massachusetts waste please visit the State's website to review the update provided by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection. Please follow this link.