Important Recycling Information for Belmont Residents

WasteWatch-March 2015

Important recycling information for Belmont residents

Starting March 30th residents’ curbside recycling will not be picked up unless it is correctly sorted into dual stream. Belmont has always been a dual stream community, which means paper and cardboard are separated from containers (plastic, glass, metal). Flyers were sent out in the Belmont Light bills to help remind residents what items are recycled and which stream to place them. This information can also be found on the Town’s website under the DPW Highway Division.

Below are some examples of successful dual stream curbside recycling set-outs:

  • Containers (plastic, glass, metal) placed in the 18-gallon recycling bin and paper in a different 18-gallon recycling bin and/or paper bags. 
  • Containers in a barrel (or 2 barrels) no larger than 32-gallons and paper in the 18-gallon recycling bin and/or paper bags. The barrel must have two recycling stickers on it which can be acquired at the DPW Office (can be mailed out), Town Clerk Office, and Winter’s Hardware, free of charge.
  • Cardboard must be flattened and place with paper. If it is a large piece of cardboard, it must be smaller than 3’ x 3’ and can be placed under the recycle bin or barrel so it doesn’t blow away. If you have a large quantity of cardboard it can be tied or taped into bundles no higher than 9”. We understand that the smaller than 3’ x 3’ and no higher than 9” can be inconvenient, but these dimensions allow it to fit into the opening of the recycling truck.

If you have any questions please contact the Recycling Coordinator, Mary Beth Calnan at:     617-993-2789 or

DPW Recycle Day will be Saturday, May 9th from 9:00am -1:00pm, location to be determined.

It’s time to look around your house and do some spring cleaning - Styrofoam, bulky rigid plastics, textiles, books, CDs, DVDs, eye glasses and paper shredding will be collected. Electronics can be dropped off at Butler School at their annual electronic fundraiser.                  More information will be posted on the DPW Highway Division website page.