MBTA Bus Network Redesign

MBTA Bus Network Redesign
Bus Network Redesign


The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) has announced a Bus Network Redesign initiative. This is an effort to holistically re-imagine the MBTA’s bus routes to better serve current and future bus riders. A draft map proposal for Bus Network Redesign is available for the general public to review. This is not a final bus map. By providing the resources below, the MBTA is striving to help ensure the collection of  public feedback that will help in impoving the initaive's goals.

This draft map reflects an unprecedented investment in MBTA bus service, and includes the following:

  • 25% increase in bus service hours systemwide
  • 70% increase in weekend service systemwide
  • Doubling the amount of high frequency service; meaning 275,000 more residents will have access to 15 minutes or less all-day, 7-day a week bus service

Between now and through the end of July MassDOT and MBTA staff will be collecting feedback through multiple platforms, and below are some information about the public engagement process the next few months.  


Outreach Resources and Feedback Form:


  • A link to an interactive version of the draft map is available here.
  • There are a series of detailed, community-specific booklets that include comparisons between the draft map and today’s bus system, and a summary table of all route changes. You can find a link to all the booklets here.  
  • Members of the public can see how this proposed bus system could affect their personal travel by entering origins and destinations in this digital Trip Planner, which compares their potential commute with today’s network. You can find a link available here.
  • Members of the public can share their feedback on the draft map here through this feedback form.


Upcoming Project Outreach Events:


MBTA project outreach staff will also be present at busy MBTA stations throughout the region to promote the draft map to the public, and there will be a series of Open Houses held at bus stations to inform riders of proposed changes and collect feedback. Members of the public are encouraged to also attend the following virtual and in-person meetings to learn more about the draft map (these events are also listed publicly on the MBTA’s events page):

***Please note that some of the following meetings are tailored to particular regions of the MBTA bus service area (specific municipalities detailed in the meeting invites):

May 19, 6-7:30pm, Bus Network Redesign - Systemwide (Virtual)

May 24, 6pm, Bus Network Redesign - South Shore & South Suburbs (Virtual)

June 2, 6pm, Bus Network Redesign - Boston (Virtual)

June 8, 6pm, Bus Network Redesign - Mystic River & North Shore (Virtual)

June 16, 6pm, Bus Network Redesign – Inner Core (Virtual)

June 22, 6pm, Bus Network Redesign - Minuteman & Metro North (Virtual)

July 19, 6pm, Bus Network Redesign - Systemwide Open House (In-person in Roxbury)

July 28, 6pm, Bus Network Redesign – Systemwide (In-person in downtown Boston)

Next Steps for Bus Network Redesign:


This is a draft map, meaning this is not the final network and it is subject to change based on feedback collected over the next few months. Based on the comments and considerations the MBTA receives, revisions  will be made produce a final map, which will be submitted to the MBTA Board of Directors for their approval later this fall. From there, MBTA staff will work to realize the final map incrementally on a five-year-long  implementation timeline, starting in 2023. The implementation phases and approach will be determined by the final map itself, resources, constraints, etc.