5. Belmont's Local Historic Districts

Pleasant Street District, Common Street District, and the Richardson Farm

Belmont's Local Historic Districts:

Belmont proudly claims three local historic districts: Pleasant Street, Common Street, and the Richardson Farm.

The creation of a fourth, the Thaddeus Frost House Historic District at 291 Brighton Street, will be voted on at the 2018 Annual Town. 

1. Proposed Thaddeus Frost House Historic District

291 Brighton Street

Click here for information on the Historic District Commission's efforts to date regarding creation of the Thaddeus Frost House Historic District. 

2. Pleasant Street Historic District

Belmont’s first historic district, the Wellington Historic District, initially consisted of two residences on Pleasant Street (641 and 631 Pleasant Street) and was later expanded and renamed the Pleasant Street Historic District.  The Pleasant Street Historic District runs along Pleasant Street from Stella Road to Snake Hill Road, and is approximately bounded on the north by Wellington Lane and on the south by Leonard Street. The Town Hall complex of buildings at the corner of Pleasant Street and Concord Avenue is also within the Pleasant Street Historic District. in addition to being a Local Historic District, the Pleasant Street District was also added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1979.

3. Common Street Historic District

The Common Street Historic District includes the stone railway bridge over Concord Avenue, the War Memorial and the Wellington Station, however, Belmont Station (now serving as the Lion's Club) is not within the Common Street Historic District.

*Historic photo courtesy of Belmont Historical Society

4. Richardson Farm Historic District

Information on the Richardson Farm Historic District will be added shortly.