Specialized Equipment

To enhance our capabilities the Belmont Fire Department maintains several specialized pieces of equipment.

Command Vehicles:

The Belmont Fire Department has 5 Command Vehicles marked with Department decals that are used by ranking members of the Department for various emergency and administrative functions. Below is information about these cars and their function.

Unit:Type of Vehicle:Assignment:
C - 12013 Ford Interceptor UtilityFire Chief's Response Vehicle
C - 22007 Ford ExplorerAssistant Fire Chief's Response Vehicle
C - 32015 Ford ExpeditionShift Commander's Response Vehicle 
C - 42007 Ford ExpeditionStaff Vehicle used primarily by the Fire Prevention Division. This doubles as the Spare Shift Commander's Response Vehicle
C - 52015 Ford F-150Staff Vehicle used primarily by the Training Division.


Squad 1:

Squad 1 is a 1998 Ford F-450 4x4 truck that used to belong to the Public Works Department before being converted for Fire Department use. The Squad is used for pulling the fire departments trailers to emergency scenes, plowing snow from the front of the stations, and responding to off-road emergencies.


Tactical Rescue Trailer:

Photo not availiable at this time

The Tactical Rescue Trailer is equipted with specialized equipment that there is not enough room carry on any of the frontline apparatus. If an incident arises that requires this equipment it can be brought to the scene by the Squad.

Portable Light Trailer:
Photo not availiable at this time

The Light Trailer is a Town resource maintained by the Fire Department. It is capable of illuminating emergency scenes or special events as needed.