Emergency Medical Services

Belmont Fire E.M.S.:
The Belmont Fire Department is the primary Emergency Medical Service provider for the Town of Belmont. The Department owns two fully equipped Advanced Life Support (ALS) ambulances and has at least one of these ambulances in service at all times.  Belmont Firefighters all recieve medical training, most are State licensed as either an Emergency Medical Technician - Basic (EMT-B) or Emergency Medical Technician - Paramedic (EMT-P). The Department responds to over 1,500 medical related calls annually within Belmont and also assists neighboring communities as needed.
The Belmont Fire Departments primary ambulance, Rescue 1
Advanced Life Support:
In 2013 the Fire Department became licensed to provide Advanced Life Support (ALS) care to patients. Advanced Life Support is the highest level of pre-hospital emergency care availiable and allows first responders to perform more life saving measures. Providing ALS services directly will allow for a higher standard of care for patients directly from Belmont Firefighters without having to wait for an out of town ambulance to respond with ALS capabilities.
Partnership with Pro EMS:
In addition to the two red ambulances owned by the Belmont Fire Department, residents may see white and green ambulances from Profesional Ambulance responding to emergencies in Belmont. Professional Ambulance (ProEMS) is a private Ambulance and Emergency Medical Services company based right across the Belmont border in Cambridge. The Town of Belmont has a contract with ProEMS to provide emergency medical training to our first responders, EMS billing, and back - up ambulance response. When there is not a Belmont Fire Ambulance availiable to respond to a call, a Pro EMS ambulance is dispatched in its place to any medical calls and if necessary, transports patients to the hospital. This partnership allows Belmont to handle multiple medical call at one time and ensure that each one is handled by highly trained first responders. For more information on Pro EMS visit their website: www.proems.com