Information Regarding MASK call 04-29-2020

On behalf of the Belmont Council on Aging, we hope you are safe and well.
We’re pleased to notify you we have two sources of masks available. We have handmade, washable cloth masks, and we have access to 10 pack disposable masks available with registration online. You may call in and request either type of mask. If you need help registering online for the disposable masks, please let us know, and we can help with that. Registration online is available here:
Please be advised that as of Tuesday, April 28th, the Town has mandated use of masks at essential businesses; please further be advised that any contactless transitions occurring outside the center, including meals, also require you to wear a mask.
Please note that your call will be answered and we will respond to your request within 48 hours. There are only three of us in the office at any given time so it is not possible to call you back instantly. To make your mask requests, please call the main number at 617-993-2970. Again that number is 617-993-2970. Please leave a message if someone does not answer your call.