Community Path Advisory Committee (CPAC)

The CPAC and its charge and mission was established by the Belmont Board of Selectmen. The CPAC has been organized to identify potential locations for a proposed Community Path that can be utilized for recreation, exercise, and transportation.

The Community Path is intended to be a shared-use resource for walkers, joggers, bicyclists, in-line skaters, and other non-motorized forms of mobility. A Community Path would connect Belmont into a growing network of walking and cycling routes around Boston. A Community Path could provide a range of possible benefits, such as increased options for commuting to work and school, mitigation of traffic congestion, opportunities for improved public health, and improved access to local businesses. The Committee is tasked to identify, assess, and rank the evaluation criteria for recommending possible Community Path land parcels and routes for consideration by the Board of Selectmen.

The CPAC is also charged with gathering all pertinent information related to this potential path. The CPAC will identify issues, concerns and benefits, and report final recommendations for next steps in a written report to the Board of Selectmen for future action by the Town.

Board Members

Jeffrey Roth
Brian Burke
John Dieckmann
Joseph Noone
Kevin Sullivan
Edward Price Armstrong
Amy DeDeo
Cosmo Caterino
Tommasina Olson
Vincent Stanton Jr.
Charlie Conroy