Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP)

The Town of Belmont has completed a planning process to mitigate natural hazards and adapt to the projected effects of climate change. By completing this project, Belmont has identified several priorities to advance the Town’s work towards resilience and will be eligible for Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) Action Grants  and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA Grant) programs. To date, the Belmont’s Hazard Mitigation and Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness Plan (HMP-MVP Plan) involved the following:

  • Convening a Core Team of municipal department heads who provided key input through meetings, online surveys, and interviews.
  • Engaging the stakeholders through a virtual Community Resilience Building (CRB) Workshop and engaging the public through a virtual, interactive meeting.
  • Conducting a vulnerability and risk assessment of historic hazards and the potential impact of climate change.
  • Documenting the Town’s capacity to mitigate and respond to hazards.
  • Updating the progress of the previous HMP.
  • Developing an action and implementation strategy.

The final HMP-MVP Plan  is available for your review. A summary of the plan is available via video. Feedback is being collected through the use of an online form. The survey will be open for two weeks ending on June 2. 

Funding to complete the this planning process was funding through the Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs’ Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) Planning Grant program, which provides technical and financial support for cities and towns across the Commonwealth to plan for, and mitigate the impacts from, climate change. 

Check out the Belmont MVP overview from Belmont Media Here