Committee to Study the Number of Selectmen

MOVED: That Article 8 be referred to committee to study and recommend whether or not the Board of Selectmen should be expanded from three members. Said committee shall be appointed by the Moderator, and shall consist of a Town Meeting Member from each Precinct, and five town residents selected at large and shall file a written report of its recommendations in the Town Clerk’s office,for distribution to all Town Meeting Members, by January 31, 2018.

The Motion was adopted at the Annual Town Meeting held May 8, 2017  at the Belmont High School Auditorium by Electronic Vote:  Yes 192,  No  67.


Committee Members


Daniel Halston1
Amy Trotsky 2
Maryann Scali - Vice-Chair2
Ralph Jones3
Debbie Deutsch4
Andrew Plunkett5
Judith Feins5
Peter Whitmer6
Laurie Graham6
Doug John7
Paul Rickter - Chair8
Mike Crowley8
Lynn Read8