How can I be involved in the process?

Attend Community Meetings

All BHSBC meetings are open to the public and the community is always welcome. For a full listing of meetings, visit the calendar section of this site. The first large-scale community forum was held on April 6th at the Beech Street Center and the first community visioning workshop was held May 4th-5th. The next community engagement meeting will be on September 19th at the Chenery Middle School. Community members will receive notification of all upcoming meetings through postings on the BHSBC website, through various communication methods at each school in the district, and through emails from district and community listservs. Public notices will be posted and meetings will be conducted in accordance to Commonwealth of Massachusetts Open Meeting Law.

Complete the Online Survey

The Belmont High School Building Committee wants to hear from you! Our new online survey will be available soon and we invite you to share your ideas, opinions, and thought on the Belmont High School Building Project.

When is the next BHSBC meeting?

Meeting dates are posted on the calendar section of this site and on the Town of Belmont website