Lost Pets, Animal Bites, Etc.



If your pet is missing, DO NOT DELAY.  Call the Animal Control Officer or the Police Department as soon as possible.  Go door to door in case a neighbor has accidentally closed your pet in his/her garage.  Place an ad, put up posters and offer a reward if possible.  Calls to those same departments in surrounding towns should also be made.  Pets can wander a long way from home!  Local newspapers often list both lost and found animals, so also look in the most recent editions for those ads.  Owners should attempt to find their pets immediately and not wait very long for them to return.  


All animal bites, from pets or wildlife, must be reported to the Health Department as soon as possible, so that the biting animal can be located and examined to determine its health.  During non-business hours, the Police Department should be called.  The Police will know how to contact appropriate health officials if necessary.  A dog or cat that has bitten someone will be quarantined for 10 days, usually at the owner's home, if the animal has a current rabies vaccination.  If the animal is not licensed, it will be quarantined at the pound at the discretion of the Animal Control Officer.  A biting wild animal, if caught, will be euthanized and tested for rabies.  Unvaccinated pets that are bitten by wild animals that cannot be caught are quarantined for six months or it will be recommended that they be euthanized depending on the circumstances.  Humans who have been bitten by any type of animal should wash the affected area with soap and warm water for at least 10 minutes and then seek medical care.  Depending on the exposure level, rabies vaccinations may be advised.  Bites received from wild animals that normally shy away from humans are most suspect for rabies.


David B. Alper, D.P.M., Member
Donna S. David, R.N., M.N.,Chair
Julie C. Lemay, M.P.H., Vice Chair


Director of Health - Wesley Chin, M.P.H.
Public Health Program Assistant - Maria Reddington
Youth & Family Service Coordinator - Janet Amdur, LICSW, EdM
Animal Control Officer - John Maguranis
Public Health Nurse - David Neylon, RN


Animal Control:  617-993-2724
Animal Rescue League:  617-426-9170
Belmont Police:  911
Non-emergency:  617-993-2501
Health Department:  617-993-2720
Cambridge District Court:  781-306-2715
Highway Department:  617-993-2680
Town Clerk-Licensing:  617-993-2600
MSPCA:  617-522-7400
Law Enforcement:  617-522-6008
Shelter:  617-522-5055


Acton Animal Emergency Care:  978-263-1742

Angel Memorial Hospital (5pm to 8am; 24 hours on weekends):  617-522-7282

Tufts School of Veterinary Medicine:  508-839-5395

Veterinary Emergency Center
1299 Highland Ave., Needham, MA

John Maguranis
Animal Control Officer