Town Meeting Documents & Information

Caucus for Precinct 2 Town Meeting Members:

There will be a caucus of Precinct 2 Town Meeting Members on Thursday, November 2, 2017 to elect one new Town Meeting Members to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of Katherine (Kit) Dreier.

The caucus will be held in the Auditorium, First Floor of Town Hall, 455 Concord Ave.

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Scheduled 2017 Town Meetings:

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All Town Meeting Sessions begin at 7pm unless otherwise stated

A Special Town Meeting has been called for Monday, November 13, 2017 at the Chenery Middle School Auditorium. If needed, an additional night of Town Meeting will be held on Wednesday, November 15, 2017.

The business of the Annual Town Meeting, Segment A, held May 1, 2017 has been concluded.

The business of the Special Town Meeting, held May 3, 2017 has been concluded.

The business of the Annual Town Meeting, Segment B, held June 5, 2017 has been concluded.


Documents for Previous Town Meetings:

For previous years documents sent to Town Meeting Members, click here.


Belmont Town Meeting Procedures:

Belmont Town Meeting follows the procedures and law in Town Meeting Time: A Handbook of Parliamentary Law by Richard B. Johnson. This book can be obtained by the Massachusetts Moderators' Association, the Belmont Public Library and both retail and online booksellers.

  • Click here for the Moderator letter to Town Meeting Members describing changes to Town Meeting in 2015.
  • Click here for the Belmont Town Meeting Member Handbook (Revised April 2015).
  • Click here for the Belmont Representative Town Meeting Acts of 1926 As Amended.
  • Click here for the Belmont Bylaws (For Town Meeting, please refer to Chapter 30). Requires CAPTCHA verification.
  • Click here for a Citizen's Guide to Town Meeting


Electronic Voting at Town Meeting

To view the report for Electronic Voting at Town Meeting, click here.

Town Meeting now uses, in addition to voice voting, an Electronic Voting system utilizing a peripheral called a Response Card. The response cards will be handed out to Town Meeting Members before the start of Town Meeting and they must be returned at the end of the night. Town Meeting members will use the Electronic Voting system at the Moderator's discretion.

Reminders for Town Meeting Members:

Instructions on how electronic voting works and how to use the response card can be found here.

Reminders to Town Meeting Members regarding what is required from Town Meeting Members during electronic voting and how electronic voting will be used at Town Meeting can be found here.


Adding Articles to the Town Meeting Warrant:

Articles may be placed on the Annual Town Meeting Warrant by citizen petition or by the Board of Selectmen. A citizen petition must be submitted to the Town Clerk by the time and date of warrant close.

  • For the Annual Town Meeting, the petition must contain the signatures of at least 10 registered voters as certified by the Town Clerk.
  • For a Special Town Meeting that has already been called by the Board of Selectmen, the petition must contain the signatures of at least 100 registered voters as certified by the Town Clerk.
  • To call a new Special Town Meeting by citizen petition, the petition must contain the signatures of at least 200 registered voters as certified by the Town Clerk.

It is always advisable to submit at least 30% more signatures than the requirement.Petitions must include the name, address and signatures of each voter, each sheet containing the exact language of the petition.

A downloadable Citizens' Petition form is available here.

Reminders for Town Meeting Members:

All main motions and proposed amendments involving the expenditure of money must be in writing. All other motions and proposed amendments must also be in writing unless they are so brief and simple as to be easily understood when stated orally.

All substantive amendments and motions to be offered under an article in the Warrant must be submitted to the Town Clerk in writing no later than the close of business on the third (3RD) business day before the commencement of the session at which the Article is considered.

Town Meeting Members should plan to arrive in sufficient time to sign in and take a seat to begin the meeting promptly.