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Upcoming Elections: 2018

April 3, 2018 Belmont Local Election
September 4, 2018 State Primary Election
November 6, 2018State Election

Although you may have been registered to vote in another community, if you move your residence, you must register to vote with your new town/city. Mail-in Voter Registration forms are available at the Belmont Memorial Library and the Belmont Post Office, various designated state agencies and the Registry of Motor Vehicles. You may also fill out a Federal Voter Registration Form by clicking the Register to Vote link below.

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Online Voter Registration Available

If you have a valid driver's license, learner's permit or non-driver ID issued by the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV), you may apply to register to vote online here.

If you don't have an RMV ID, you can still use the online system to create an application. Print and sign the completed form, and then mail or bring it to the Belmont Town Clerk's office.

You may also use this form to change your name, address, or party enrollment.

Absentee Voting

For information regarding Absentee Voting, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I register to vote in Belmont?

Register to vote by filling out the form here and bring it in person or mail to:

Board of Registrars
Belmont Town Hall
455 Concord Ave
Belmont, MA 02478

or register to vote online.

*Please note that a valid Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) issued ID is required to complete the form online.

Do I need to appear in person to register to vote?

No, voter registration can be done by mail, in person or online, however a voter signature is required by Massachusetts General Law. For this reason, a registration form without the voter's signature must be automatically rejected.

Do I need to show ID to register to vote?

The first time you register to vote in Massachusetts you do need to provide adequate ID. The voter registration form requires either the last four digits of the Social security Number or the Massachusetts Drivers License Number. If you register to vote online, the form will require you to enter the number on your RMV issued ID.

Is there a deadline to register to vote for an upcoming election?

Voter Registration or changes to voter registration must be received by the Town Clerk's office at least 20 days before an election. The Town Clerk's office is open until 8pm on the last day to register prior to an upcoming election.

Who do I notify if my family has moved to another address within Belmont?

Notify the Town Clerk's office by submitting a letter containing the signature of each registered voter whose residence has changed, the effective date of the move, the old and new address and who has moved (be certain to include the names of children, if any). The voter will receive acknowledgement of change of voter registration information from the office of the Town Clerk.

Change of Address Form is available to simplify the process.

How do I change my party enrollment?

Notify the Town Clerk's office by submitting a letter containing the signature of the voter who wants to change his/her party or just print, complete and sign a Change of Party Form and return to the Town Clerk's office. The voter will receive a confirmation from the Town Clerk's office shortly thereafter.

In Massachusetts, the party choices are Democrat, Republican, Libertarian or Unenrolled (Unaffiliated). All others are considered Political Designations. If you are registered as an Unenrolled voter or a member of a political designation, you may choose any party in Primary Elections.

I've recently changed my name. How do I change my name on the voting list to be compatible with my ID?

Notify the Town Clerk's office by submitting a letter containing the signature of the voter who wants to change his/her name or just print, complete and sign a Change of Voter Name Form and return to the Town Clerk's office. The voter will receive a confirmation from the Town Clerk's office shortly thereafter.

I'm listed as a voter, but it says "Inactive" next to my name. What does that mean?

Inactive status merely means that you did not return this year's census which is mailed to every household in Belmont, per Massachusetts General Laws AND the voter did not return the pre-paid postcard notifying individuals of the change from active to inactive status.

Can I still vote even though I'm "Inactive"?

Yes, an "Inactive" voter may still vote but first must provide adequate identification proving the voter's identity and current place of residence. Usually a Massachusetts Driver's License or State issued ID are sufficient

How do I return to "active" status?

There are two ways to convert from Inactive to Active Status. One is to visit the polls on Election Day and provide ID and one by appearing in person at the Town Clerk's office at least 20 DAYS BEFORE Election Day. Whichever the voter chooses, proper identification must be shown and a form must be completed. Signing and returning the yearly census is the easiest way to keep your name on the active voter list.

Where Do I Vote?



Precinct #Voting Location
Precinct 1 MapBelmont Public Library, Assembly Room, 336 Concord Avenue
Precinct 2 MapBelmont Town Hall, Selectmen's Meeting Room, 455 Concord Ave
Precinct 3 MapBeech Street Center (Senior Center), 266 Beech Street
Precinct 4 MapDaniel Butler School, 90 White Street
Precinct 5 MapBeech Street Center (Senior Center), 266 Beech Street
Precinct 6 MapBelmont Fire Headquarters, 299 Trapelo Road
Precinct 7 MapBurbank School gym, 266 School Street
Precinct 8 Map

Winn Brook School gym, 97 Waterhouse St (enter from Cross St)


Running for Town-wide Office or Town Meeting Member

Nomination papers for Annual Town Election (Town Meeting and Town-wide offices) are available beginning in December at the Town Clerk's Office. The deadline to return nomination papers to the Town Clerk's office is 35 days before the Annual Town Election (General Bylaws §30-110 A(1)).

50 certified signatures of registered Belmont voters are required for Town-wide office, 25 certified signatures of Belmont registered voters dwelling in the appropriate precinct are required for Town Meeting. It is always wise to obtain and provide at least 20% more signatures than the requirement to meet the certification minimums. Please see the Town Clerk's web page on Running for Elected Office.