Signage Policy and Application

The Office of the Board of Selectmen and Town Administrator is responsible for approving requests to place temporary signage on Town property. This approval is limited to advertising local events that are hosted by municipal or non-profit organizations. Private businesses looking place signage should contact the Office of Community Development by CLICKING HERE

Town of Belmont Policy for Signs on Municipal Property:

  1. Approved applicants will recieve an approval letter outlining the locations where their temporary signage maybe placed. Requests for specific locations are considered on a first come - first serve basis however each approved location has a maximum capacity. Typically approval is limited to a maximum of two signs, one at each of the following locations:
    • A designated area along Concord Avenue
    • An island in Cushing Square.
  2. Signs may be placed one week prior to an event and must be removed the day after the event. 
  3. Only non-profit and municipal/school events can be advertised.  These events can only be located in the Town of Belmont with the exception of the Watertown/Belmont Chamber of Commerce.
  4. Advertising must be on a professional designed 2’ x 3’ weatherproof poster placed on sandwich boards no larger than 2 feet x 3 feet in dimension.  Banners are not allowed to be hung on municipal property. 
  5. Any display of signage not following policy or not approved by this office, the violator will be immediately notified to remove the sign and possibly lose privilege for future signage permission.
  6. Town - Owned Sandwich Boards are available for rent on a first come - first serve basis. There is a rental fee of $10 per board that is payable by check to the "Town of Belmont". To request a board indicate that you wish to rent one on your rental application form.

To request approval to advertise an event on Municipal Property please complete the Signage Request Application. Completed forms should be submitted to the Office of the Board of Selectmen and Town Administrator. Application forms can be sent by U.S. Mail, Fax, E-mail, or delivered during regular business hours.

For questions about signage please call (617) 993-2610 or write to

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