Logan Airport Community Advisory Committee

Regional Group
In August 2013, the Board of Selectmen voted in favor of joining the Logan Airport Community Advisory Committee (CAC) in response to a number of questions from the community about changes in commercial air traffic over Belmont. The Logan CAC is a group of over 30 communities within a 20 nautical mile radius of Boston - Logan International Airport with a primary focus on reducing noise pollution from aircraft arriving or departing the airport. As a result of a realignment program, the FAA and Logan have begun implementing new changes to the approach and departure routes.
Belmont is now represented on the CAC by Myron Kassaraba and alternate member Phyllis Marshall. Members of the CAC are gathering information to actively participate in an upcoming review of the realignment program, and have made presentations to both the Board of Selectmen and Residents. If residents have any general questions please contact us at logancac@belmont-ma.gov. If you have issues related to aircraft noise please contact the Massachusetts Port Authority Noise Complaint Line: (617) 561-3333 or visit their online form
Belmont's CAC representatives have requested that any resident looking to share their opinion on aircraft noise, particularly from the summer 2013 change on runway 33L, should do so in writing to logancac@belmont-ma.gov. Written statements will be helpful for CAC representatives as they look to effectively advocate on behalf of Belmont residents when these changes are reviewed.

Board Members

Myron Kassaraba
Phyllis Marshall