Rock Meadow Stakeholder Meeting #2

May 29th at 7PM

Rock Meadow Stakeholder & Community Workshop:


Meeting #2


May 29, 2018

7:00 PM

Town Hall, Selectmen’s Room


With a generous grant from the Judy Record Conservation Fund, The Belmont Conservation Commission is working with the Conway School to develop a Master Plan for the Rock Meadow Conservation Area. 


This is the second community stakeholder meeting, part of a master plan process that will allow the Town of Belmont to assess, value and guide management of the Rock Meadow Conservation Area.   At this meeting, the Conway team will 1) review the results of our first community meeting, 2) bring additional analyses, and 3) present three conceptual design alternatives for discussion.


The Conservation Commission has engaged The Conway School, a graduate program for sustainable ecological and landscape design and planning, to explore, develop and design a plan for the Meadow that is ecologically and socially sustainable, including:


  • An ecological site analysis and assessment
  • A theme of “Eco and Historic Walking Tour”
  • Improvements to wildlife habitat, connectivity and ecosystem services.
  • Reducing invasive plants
  • Redesigning the parking lot for efficiency and erosion control


Come learn about the results to date and contribute feedback toward a plan that truly reflects the wishes and desires of the community.   


Join us on Tuesday May 29th from 7:00 to 9:00 PM at the Belmont Town Hall, Selectmen’s Room. 


The Conway School is a graduate program for sustainable ecological and landscape design and planning. It was founded in 1972 and is in Easthampton, MA.  The graduate school offers a MS in Ecological Design to 18 students over a 10-month program. The mission of the Conway School is to explore, develop, practice, and teach design that is ecologically and socially sustainable. The program emphasizes communication skills and community building. Students work on real projects with real clients at varying scales, from residential landscaping to urban planning and management of entire watersheds.

The Judy Record Conservation Fund was established in 2001 for the protection, rehabilitation, maintenance and acquisition of open space in Belmont and the neighboring communities of Lexington, Cambridge, Waltham, Watertown and Arlington.  The Fund raises private dollars to support publicly accessible conservation lands, through grant awards. The Fund seeks projects with long-lasting benefits for public enjoyment of open space that also protect the ecological integrity of the properties.