NEW - Recycle Sticker procedures for Appliances & CRT's

Appliances & CRT's

Recycling Procedure for Appliances and CRT’s (TV’s, Monitors, etc.)

Effective July 1, 2014:  ALL Appliances, Televisions, and Computer Monitors will be collected on Thursdays only, they require a “Recycling Sticker” to be purchased and affixed to each item prior to pick-up.  Calling to schedule a pick-up is still necessary.

Recycling Sticker Information

Stickers will cost $20.00 per appliance and $15.00 per CRT, TV, Monitors, and some copiers.

Stickers will be available for purchase at the following locations:

  • Highway Division Office, located at the Homer Building 19 Moore Street. (cash or check accepted)
  • Town Clerk’s Office, located at the Belmont Town Hall, Concord Avenue (cash or check accepted)
  • Star Market, located at 535 Trapelo Road, Waverley Square (cash, check or credit card accepted)           
  • Winters Hardware, located at 84 Trapelo Road, Cushing Square (cash, or check accepted)           
  • Hillside Garden Supply, located at 280 Blanchard Road (cash, check or credit card accepted)

Appliances and CRT’s: Call Highway Division office by noon, on Wednesday to schedule a pick-up for the next available Thursday.  CRT’s are collected on Thursdays only.  Purchase sticker and affix to CRT prior to placing at curb by 7:00am on the scheduled Thursday.      

For more information, please call the Highway Division Office at (617) 993-2690.

ORANGE stickers are for APPLIANCES they cost $20.00 per ITEM

GREEN stickers are for TELEVISIONS, MONITORS, LAPTOPS, and SOME COPIERS they cost $15.00 per ITEM