Need for a New High School

Why do we need a new High School?

What are the deficiencies in the existing building?

  • Facility-Related Issues
  • Space Constraints

How does the town determine enrollment numbers?


Project Timeline and Process

What is the Project Timeline?

When will the new high school open?

What happens to the high school students while the new school is being built?


School Design

What would a new school look like?

Where would we build a new school?

Will this project be a renovation or new construction?

What grades will be in the new high school? What will the different grade configurations look like (for example, 9-12, 8-12, or 7-12)?

What will the classrooms look like?

Will the building be a sustainable design?

I hear concerns about potential contamination at the high school. What steps are being taken to investigate these concerns?

What will happen regarding the proposed community path and proposed tunnel under the train tracks?


Project Funding

How much will the project cost?

How is the project being funded?

When will the town vote on funding the full High School Building Project?

What amount will the MSBA cover?

How did we qualify for MSBA funding?

Who is paying for the Feasibility Study?


Partners in the High School Building Project

Who are the partners in the Belmont High School Building Project?

Who is on the Belmont High School Building Committee?

How was the Belmont High School Building Committee formed?

What is the MSBA? How much control do they have over the process?

Who is the Owner’s Project Manager and what is their job?

Who is the Design Team?

Who will build the new school? How are bids considered?


Community Involvement

How can I be involved in the process?